Wishing Terri Garber Happy Birthday: Her Main Dynasty Is Her Legacy of Talent via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228 #NorthandSouth #Dynasty

Fans of Terri Garber (North and South, Dynasty, As the World Turns, Santa Barbara) will want to extend well wishes to the actress as she celebrates her birthday on December 28.

I have been a fan of Terri Garber for thirty-three of my fifty-three years having first become enthralled by her acting talent when she played North and South’s Ashton.  There is a quality in her acting that pulls you in when you watch. Ashton wasn’t exactly a heroine and seemed to care little for her family.  In fact, she tried to have sister Brett’s husband Billy killed (twice) and set about ruining brother Orry’s life by conspiring with his enemy Elkanah Bent to drive his wife Madeline away. But regardless of her misdeeds, she was my favorite female character in North and South. Fiery, passionate, scheming, unpredictable…these are just some of the words to describe the Southern belle who looked out for number one. Ashton could stab you in the back without losing that pretty smile from her face. As played by Garber, Ashton was the Scarlett O’ Hara of North and South.

Terri is a far cry from Ashton.  Although she and Ashton are both charming, Terri is sincere and cares deeply for her family. She is a loving wife, mother, sister and daughter who puts her family above everything. Additionally, she’s an astute business woman running a homemade soap company Sisters Alchemy with her sister Lisa.

Although she’s appeared in film, daytime and prime time television, Garber hasn’t allowed Hollywood to change her.  She’s grounded in what matters most in her life. She’s also down to Earth. When Patrick Youngblood a huge fan of North and South started a Facebook group, Terri not only joined as a member, but regularly reads posts and interacts with other members as we share our memories and thoughts on our favorite miniseries. Personally speaking, it’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to let Terri know how much I’ve admired her work. If anyone had told my twenty-year old self watching North and South in 1985 that I would be someday communicating with Terri Garber I wouldn’t have believed them.

In addition to her participation in the North and South Facebook Group, earlier this year Terri and cast members Philip Casnoff (Bent), Lesley-Anne Down (Madeline), Morgan Fairchild (Burdetta), Terri Garber (Ashton), Wendy Kilbourne (Constance), Mitchell Ryan (Tillet), William Ostrander (Forbes), James Read (George), Stan Shaw (Isaac) and Lewis Smith (Charles) attended a North and South reunion in Los Angeles. For those who went, this had to be a dream come true for fans of the epic miniseries. I heard all the actors were very gracious with Terri in particular showing why she’s so beloved by her fans.

The dynasty that Terri will be remembered for is her legacy of talent. On screen. In business. And through the love of her family.

So on your birthday Terri, my wish for you is that you continue to enjoy all life has to offer. I thank you for the numerous gifts you’ve given fans over the years with your performances.

Here is a poem by The Nerdy Girl Express poet and writer Tracy Diane Miller:

The fire inside her
With purpose it roars
To ignite with determination
As dreams might soar
She is not a silhouette of a forgotten past
She is not a lost memory that will fade all too fast
For that fire inside her
Long will it grow
To light her future
Creativity will still show
She has inhabited the lives of characters
A dalliance with fantasy
Is reality stranger than fiction
That remains to be seen
For Ashton or Leslie or by the many names she has been called
Do you know the best name that suits her after all
It is Terri
Her name for the fire inside her
With flames to speak
With purpose it roars
Not angry but proudly to tell you why Terri is unique
This daughter
This wife
This sister
This mother
This friend
Who gives her heart
Her love without end
The fire inside her
A Muse will admire
Her courageous spirit
Is destined to inspire
So with the food that words might provide
Then a verse is well fed
To fully emerge in the moments ahead
Ready to speak
Unlike the fire inside her that roars
A poem is quiet when in her heart to soar
With joy as it conveys
All the best to you Terri as you celebrate your birthday

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