#NorthandSouth Reunion Was Held Feb 10-11,2018 at Westin Lax via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228 @jamzread

Fans of the epic television miniseries North and South attended the North and South Reunion February 10-11, 2018. The reunion was commissioned by The Hollywood Show and held at the Westin LAX.

North and South by John Jakes told the story of George Hazard (James Read) and Orry Main (Patrick Swayze), two young men from the north and south respectively who meet approximately twenty years before the Civil War, attend the military academy at West Point and develop a life-long friendship that is tested due to the changing climate of the country and their differences because of their individual beliefs and values from how they were raised. North and South aired as an ABC Novel for Television for six consecutive nights beginning on Sunday, November 3, 1985. Two sequels, North and South Book 2 and Heaven and Hell aired in 1986 and 1994.

The North and South Reunion was the chance to meet and get photos and autographs of some of the cast. The actors who attended were: Philip Casnoff (Bent), Lesley-Anne Down (Madeline), Morgan Fairchild (Burdetta), Terri Garber (Ashton), Wendy Kilbourne (Constance), Mitchell Ryan (Tillet), William Ostrander (Forbes), James Read (George), Stan Shaw (Isaac) and Lewis Smith (Charles).

Photos Courtesy of Terri Garber. From left to right: Terri Garber with Lesley Anne-Down, Wendy Kilbourne, James Read, Philip Casnoff and William Ostrander

For all those lucky to take part in this event, it was a long time coming. In my opinion, North and South is the best miniseries ever made and one of the shining stars of the great era of the television miniseries.

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28 thoughts on “#NorthandSouth Reunion Was Held Feb 10-11,2018 at Westin Lax via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228 @jamzread

  1. Tip: Tom Sizemore and Bai Ling, newest cast members on Barbee Rehab season 2! Now filming…

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  2. Do you know how I could buy any autos from the show? I am really interested in getting James Read and Wendy Kilbourne autos on same picture

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    1. You’ll probably have to contact The Hollywood Show to see whether they have any autographs for sale and the cost. Good Luck!


      1. Thank you so much for posting this! I can’t believe I’m just now seeing it!! I live here in Charleston SC so of course North & South is special to me bc I love seeing the city show up onscreen. I wish they would have a reunion in Charleston so the fans here could pay their respects. Thank you again for this.


  3. I hate I missed the reunion!!!! I wish I would have known. I love the North and South. I am watching this right now on youtube and happened to google you guys. My mom was also a huge fan of the series. My mom and I love you Guys!!! I hope you all have another reunion at Boones Hall Plantation or Calhoun!!!!! So sad I missed it!!!! Especially want to meet in characters’ names: Constance George Mandeline Brett Virgilia Charles Billy Ashton Grady Simaramus Prime. Must admit Terri I hated your scheming character…lol. You and Bent!!!! I know the series just about word for word. Please have another reunion!!!!


  4. How did I miss this? A year ago this time, I downloaded the whole North and South series from Amazon Prime, and I was caught up in the nostalgia from when I saw it as a 10 year-old! This was a memorable series that touched me deeply, and seeing it for the first time in 30+ years made me wish they would have a cast reunion. This is some universe/cosmic coincidence that I found about this a year later. Please let me know if they ever have another reunion! Maybe a 35th?


  5. I started watching North and South again just last week. I had forgotten a lot, HOWEVER, I think I am enjoying it more the second time. I agree that it is the best miniseries ever made. I still think Teri Garber was the prettiest woman in the series.


    1. North and South is my favorite movie. I saw it when it originally aired on Sunday, November 3, 1985 and re-watch it every year on its anniversary. I also had the privilege of interviewing Terri Garber.


  6. I love this series so much!!!! So wish I lived in the USA I would dearly love to meet cast members and get photos.


  7. I wish I’d known this reunion was going on. Bummer! However, thanks for covering it here for fans like me. I remember watching this in college and asking my aunt & uncle to record it for me using their VCR, as well! (I treasured those tapes for decades.) I could tell by watching the mini-series that Wendy Kilbourne & James Read had chemistry and hoped they were a couple in real life. Glad to hear they were and still are. I even loved the evil characters Ashton & Bent, played by Terri Garber & Philip Casnoff. They were just SO good, yet so BAD! All in all, probably the best mini-series ever made!


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