@ClexaCon Countdown: #Wayhaught Wonderment from @kleffnotes

Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught are two of my absolute favorite queer characters on tv right now. When I began watching Wynonna Earp during season one I will admit I was a bit late to the party. I did not start watching the show until the midway point of the season and wound up sitting and watching all of the episodes on my dvr in the span of two days. I was hooked on the show and I knew that I needed to keep watching. There was something so wonderful about the stories being presented and the plethora of female characters that I could relate to in this demon filled world.

Over the course of the season one episodes there were two arcs that I felt the most connected to. The first of which was Wynonna’s, as an older sister I am a sucker for the protective big sister trope. While I could spend an article talking all about Wynonna, the focus here is on the second arc I was excited by, Wayhaught’s. When the audience first meets Waverly she is shooting at her own sister after thinking she is someone Champ is hooking up with. Thankfully that issue gets resolved in more ways than one. When we meet Nicole Haught there are definite heart eyes happening when she and Waverly start talking.

As someone raised in a small town with very little exposure to LGBT+ people, Purgatory doesn’t exactly have the most visible community within their borders, Waverly has never considered dating a woman. The appearance of Nicole leads her to begin questioning her sexuality and trying to figure out just what she should do. So much happens in their relationship including the exceptionally well known bulletproof vest scene, Waverly being infected by evil goo, and even an alternate reality Wayhaught always finds a way to stay together. No matter what Nicole and Waverly love each other and will do anything to protect each other, even if this means making a deal with a dark force.

Last year at ClexaCon the Wayhaught panel was overflowing with people and the room was electric. People were so excited to be able to see and hear Emily Andras, Kat Barrell, and Dominique Provost-Chalkley talk about the first season of the show. They even surprised us at the end of the panel with free posters for season two. I cannot wait to see what happens at the panel this year and with the addition of Tamara Duarte I am sure we will get some interesting insight into the latest and upcoming season. It is one of my definite panel choices for the convention and I hope I’ll see you there!

You can find out more about ClexaCon and their panels and workshops on their official site.

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