The Fear Diaries: Rise of the Dark Mistress @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

In The Nightmare Realm a terrible horror is rising to power. The Dark Mistress is waiting for the right moment to strike, but her forces will have to contend with Theodore Bearsley and his team of stuffed heroes in the debut of The Fear Diaries: Rise of the Dark Mistress.

In the dark of night beings from The Nightmare Realm stalk young children, but while they sleep their toys come to life and fight. Theodore leads a band of human owned toys against the dangerous toys of Nightmare. They have fought off hoards before, but they learn something terrifying. The Dark Mistress has her own army led by the evil toy Stitches. Theodore and his compatriots will have to fight to save their kids from nightmarish evil that wishes to invade the human world.


What I enjoyed about Fear Diaries is how it seems to combine elements of the Toy Story movies with the fear of things going bump in the night. It provides the toys with a reason to come to life and that reason is pretty hardcore. In The Nightmare Realm the toys are fighting with sheer force of will and whatever weapons they’ve been able to cobble together. The art in the comics was wonderfully done and the shifts in colors between real life and the other world were great. The story behind this comic showed how dedicated this entire team was to this story and I look forward to seeing more from them in the future. You can read The Fear Diaries: Rise of the Dark Mistress on Comixology.


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