Ex-Wrestler Brings the Diversity – in Heroes of Homeroom C!: Aristocrats Comics Press Release

Aristocrats Comics is proud to announce a new graphic novel, Heroes of Homeroom C.

“The comics and movies I grew up on didn’t feature many characters who looked like me,” says former independent professional wrestler-turned comicbook creator Anthony Ruttgaizer. “Now that I have a chance to create my own comics, I want to make sure that a wider spectrum of people are on display for readers of all ages to identify with and enjoy.”

Ruttgaizer (whose comic-writing credits include The F1rst Hero and Actionverse) is set to do this with the launch of his comicbook-publishing company, Aristocrats Comics – and Heroes of Homeroom C is its debut title.

HoHC is the story of twins Nicola and Albert Hathaway – 12-year-old, African-American superheroes who lose their powers and get sent back to public school to try and have a ‘normal life.’ But even in the small town paradise of Tranquil, Massachusetts, the kids get caught up in danger and excitement.

The twins find themselves faced with Damien LeVey – a young wizard who has  recently moved to Tranquil with his mother, following his parents’ divorce. The pre-teen sorcerer enacts a desperate plan, filled with dark magic, that he hopes will let him return to live with his father, a D-List west coast supervillain.

Written by Ruttgaizer, illustrated by Carlos Granda (Geek-Girl, The Jungle Book), and colored by Fred C. Stressing (The F1rst Hero, Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return), through the course of the 74-page Graphic Novel we will learn how Nicola and Albert deal with the loss of their powers, their new life in suburbia, and suddenly being something other than famous superheroes. Plus, is one of the twins keeping a deep, dark secret from the other?

For more on Heroes of Homeroom C and to back it on Kickstarter, check out www.heroesofhomeroomc.com



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