AA Squad #1 Review from @kleffnotes

What happens when history doesn’t quite go as planned? You call in the AA Squad! In the first issue of this time travel focused series Rob Wolinsky introduces us to his team of time travelers known as the AA Squad.

In this issue we meet Liam Bean, who has just been moved from A Squad to AA Squad within the corporation. While he’s a very serious and staunch person, this new team is much more relaxed. They were led by the sleepy and slightly caffeine addicted Isaac. The team also includes Anitah and Riley, who are just trying to make a good impression with the new guy. This squad takes on smaller time issues than Liam’s previous team and they are tasked with correcting a fluctuation on December 28th 1895, the day the first film was shown. It seems like an easy fix and while the rest of his team does a bit of exploring Liam thinks he’s handled it, until something shocking happens. A plane suddenly appears, but it shouldn’t even exist until 1903.


I’m a fan of time travel narratives and AA Squad set up a fun story. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the four main character. What I found really interesting was the introduction of the comic. We see three members of the team crowded around their injured fourth member, but that moment hasn’t happened yet. This hint at what is to come is a bit like being able to time travel yourself. I also liked the commercial break segment to explain how they time travel as well as the explanation of the butterfly effect in connection to their work. The art of the comic is also bright and vibrant. I’m excited to check out more of this series in the future. You can purchase it on Etsy today.

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