The Creators #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Maya is trying to adjust to her new life at the Creator Academy, but even though she is making friends something isn’t right in The Creators #4. Following a strange encounter between the headmistress and Maya, she becomes convinced that there is something nefarious about this school for Creators.

In this issue of The Creators Maya attends her first tutoring session with Morgan Etain, the headmistress, as her instructor. During the session Maya insists that she will only draw if she is given time with Kardunn. Morgan finally says that she will set something up, but when Maya does not create anything that meets with her expectations she sends the young girl away. Late that night Maya hears someone sneaking through the halls of the school and finds Dixie trying to break into the locked rooms full of creations. The two learn that they both have been experiencing headaches, which seem to be connected to their role creations. The next day Dixie tries to convince Maya to help her, but she worries that this could cause more harm than good. Maya is then summoned to the headmistress’ office where she is finally able to see Kardunn. While this reunion should be full of happy tears, Maya leaves crying as her creation tells her that they must not see each other again. This leads the talented young Creator to find Dixie and change her mind about fighting back.


The art in this series is always so interesting and the creations that each of the Creators make adds so much to the story. I was very happy to see Kardunn back in this issue, but I am worried that something could happen to her now that Maya is going to be actively working against Morgan. What I enjoyed the most in The Creators #4 was the explanation of how Creators exist scientifically. The discussion of neural threads and pathways was something I was not expecting and hearing that so much detail went into how this universe exists was fabulous. I can’t wait to see how Morgan’s plan with the bullied young Creator will play out over the course of the series. She is a remarkably evil villain to watch evolve.


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