Anti-Christ Comic Review and Kickstarter Tease ( @masciajames ) from @kleffnotes

Imagine that everyone you touched was instantly cursed? This is something that happens to Samantha, the lead character in James Mascia’s Anti-Christ comics, every day.

Samantha Pitts’ story begins with a suicide attempt, but in a startling way. While there are many stories where a suicide or death begins the story and then the plot jumps back to the start of the story through flashbacks, this is not the case for Anti-Christ. Even though she jumps from the top of a 15 story building, she walks away unharmed. Samantha has tried to die a number of times and even asks those who are chasing her to end her life, but she just can’t die. She can’t remember anything from before she was 16 years old and starting from that point forward anyone who touched her died or found themselves beset by tragedy. The most devastating moment was her attempt at making out with her girlfriend and a sudden ceiling collapse destroying their relationship.

In an attempt to protect the people she has been living with, Samantha considers running away, but even that can’t save her. She wakes up tied to a table and surrounded by cult members who wish to help her achieve her true power. As it turns out Samantha is the Anti-Christ, but not in the same way that you would anticipate. After a violent and bloody moment, she learns that she was designed in a laboratory by a terrorist group. While she has been dealing with her own problems the world has fallen into what is referred to as the cataclysm. As she tries to destroy her creators Samantha learns that she has her own four horsemen, who look exactly like her. Not only that, but the shrouded man who has been following her for years, is someone so much more powerful than she would have thought.

The story in Anti-Christ surprised me and what I loved was that the audience is learning alongside Samantha. We don’t know entirely what led to her creation or how she was able to survive from the age of 16 forward. When the horsemen were introduced I got remarkably excited because they were not what I expected at all. Seeing four additional Samantha’s all drawn to reflect the traditional four horsemen was an inventive take on the lore. The thing that honestly made me the most excited was the casual reference to Samantha’s sexuality. It was not something that I was expecting going in and it happened so smoothly that I was just so happy. It reminded me a bit of my favorite comic book character, Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash.

Anti-Christ is currently a web comic, but a Kickstarter will be starting sometime later this month to further the story of Samantha, the Anti-Christ who just wants to do good.

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