Interview with Anti-Christ Comic Creator @masciajames with @kleffnotes

After reviewing the Anti-Christ webcomic I had the opportunity to chat with James Mascia about his Anti-Christ comic and his upcoming Kickstarter.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
My name is James Mascia. I live in Maryland, where I am a high school English teacher by day, and a writer/artist by night.
What inspired you to create Anti-Christ?
Believe it or not, it was a really screwed up dream I had. I dreamt about someone who was the Anti-Christ and was supposed to bring about the End of Days, but really wanted no part of it. So, she kept trying to kill herself, but the devil would not let her die.
This is what happens when you eat buffalo chicken pizza right before you go to bed.
Anyway, after having the dream, I thought it was a great idea and wrote down a basic plot outline. And a week later, I had the script for the first chapter done. It was like it was meant to be.
How did the story evolve over time, or did it come to you as is?
The first chapter which, as I said in the last question, was written very quickly, is exactly as I had envisioned it from my dream and the original outline. The rest didn’t stay quite the same. In the original outline I went through the entirety of what is described in the Book of Revelation, with our Anti-Christ playing her part (albeit reluctantly). It got to be too much to fit into what I wanted to be a hundred page graphic novel. I didn’t have time to develop our character and get to all that stuff.
So, after the first chapter, the rest of the script was changed to show everything that leads up to her eventually causing the Rapture and the End of Days. And it is a story I am more pleased with. When I continue the story (which will hopefully happen after a successful Kickstarter campaign for this), I will be going into all the rest of the events from Revelations.
What can you tell me about the story going forward, without spoilers of course?
I’ve kind of given a couple of little spoilers. But here is the basic gist of the story. A woman is genetically engineered by terrorists to be the Anti-Christ and bring about the end of the Western World. But the terrorists don’t realize they’ve been played. Now on the run, the Anti-Christ is desperately trying to escape her destiny, while the terrorists hunt her and the devil toys with her. All of this leads up to a confrontation that will determine the fate of humanity and the world.
What are some of your favorite comics and characters in comics?
I’ve always been your typical superhero guy. I love the Marvel and DC characters a lot. My favorites are your Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine.
However, getting into something a little less mainstream, my favorite comic series is one published by IDW called “Kill Shakespeare”. Being an English person I have to love this. It is essentially about a bunch of Shakespeare’s characters trying to find him and kill him for all the horrible things he’s done. It’s a wonderfully done story with characters who are true to the originals, while being original themselves.
Do you have any other projects you are working on currently?
I am in the very beginning stages of something new called “Under a Blood Red Moon,” but at this moment, that is all I’m going to reveal about it. For the most part, my concentration is on finishing Anti-Christ and running the Kickstarter to get it printed.
Was having your lead character be a queer woman something that you planned in advance or was it something that just sort of happened organically?
It just sort of happened. Just writing the script it came out on the paper, and it worked for her character. If you think about it, many religions across the globe ostracize members of the LGBT community, so her being the Anti-Christ only helps to add to this sort of banishment she feels in the world because she is not “normal”.  It adds a layer to her character that creates a little more tension in the story I think. That being said, this is also not a major part of the story, just some background info on the character that we delve into in a couple of scenes.
Could you provide me with some details about the Kickstarter?
As of Writing this, we are about 3 weeks out from launching—with a tentative date of April 3rd.
We have a bunch of different reward levels, ranging from simply getting a digital PDF of the graphic novel, to getting one of two different covers from the print book, to even getting an original comic script written by me from your ideas. That last reward is a good one for someone who has a lot of ideas, but just can’t seem to get them onto paper. It’s sort of like a stepping stone to get themselves started.
So, lots of excitement here as we are gearing up for the Kickstarter. I hope some of you guys will check it out.
Here are some links to find out more about The Anti-Christ comics and the upcoming Kickstarter:
Personal Website:
The Kickstarter page isn’t ready yet, but anyone who clicks the link will get a preview of what we have in store. Once the campaign is active, the link will take anyone directly to the Kickstarter Project.

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