Go West #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Go West #3 is the violent and bloody conclusion to this futuristic western drama. In this issue Slade and Lillian team up with a new group of allies to destroy Creep. As they make their plan to take out his team we learn there is so much more behind their desire to destroy his control over the West.

The biker gang that meets Lilli and Slade was very reminiscent of Mad Max in their design and Lilli is considered their unofficial kin. Their leader is willing to help her do whatever she needs to do to get rid of Creep. When they get to his town things immediately get bloody. Men infiltrate the control room and kill all of the men there. Then a massive battle breaks out in the center of town, with Creep’s men led by someone who resembles an older version of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Slade attempts to defeat Creep, but finds himself out manned, but Lilli jumps in. As she fights we learn just why she hates Creep and her battle plan is fueled by her desire for revenge.

West 31

What I loved about this issue of Go West was that there were so many pop culture references that appeared during the battles. It was a very clever nod to other futuristic works. I also really liked the ending of the battle between Creep, Slade, and Lilli. I had expected Slade to be the big hero who got revenge for his wife and child, but the moment Lilli took over I almost cheered out loud. She was the one who really ended Creep’s reign of terror and she was able to get her revenge against the man who hurt her.

west 32

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