@makemineINDIE #4 Spring 2017 ( @ALTERNACOMICS ) from @kleffnotes

Make Mine Indie #4 provides you with a source for finding out about upcoming comics from a variety of publishers. Some of these comics have been mentioned in previous Make Mine Indie issues, but I’ll be discussing on some of the new additions for this issue.

Within the Alterna Comics section of this issue they highlight their upcoming newsprint releases including Adam Wreck, Amazing Age, Croak, and Lilith Dark. There is a small mention of a horror comic titled Fritz from Brian Heier that seems like a fun read, though there is no teaser, just a title page. Terminus A Quo from Cloud 9 Comix examines the concept of time and has an archaeologist protagonist who learns that our concepts of time are going to be turned completely upside down. As a lover of time travel work this sounds like a really fun read. The also have a collected mini-series coming out that has a team trying to follow clues to reveal a centuries old mystery connected to The Three Kings.

mmi 1

The new publisher I noticed in this issue Completely Different Comics sounds like it will be a really interesting place to find webcomics. They are instead doing varying one shot issues instead of doing series with continuing story lines. Red Rain from Eerie Comics seems like something I will love as a series. It focuses on a young woman searching for inner peace. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the cover did definitely grab me. I also think Songs for the Dead sounds like a very cool take on magic and supernatural elements. It focuses on a talented necromancer, which is not something I’ve seen in many comic books.

mmi 2

There are so many more comics mentioned within Make Mine Indie and if you’re a fan of comics you really need to check it out. I enjoy spending time just looking through the collection and seeing how many different comics are coming out from a variety of publishers.

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