@AmandaTapping To Direct Upcoming #Supernatural Episode via @tdmiller820917

The CW’s longest running show, Supernatural, owes much of its success to the amazing talent of both its cast and crew who have inspired loyal and passionate fans to travel along the road so far with heroic hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles).

Another thing about Supernatural is that the show has enabled its wonderful actors to serve as directors. Despite having a full plate as his alter ego Dean Winchester, Ackles has stepped behind the camera on numerous occasions directing the episodes Weekend At Bobby’s, The Girl Next Door, Heartache, Soul Survivor and The Bad Seed.

But a Winchester hasn’t been the only one to call the directorial shots; Supernatural has also employed “angelic assistance.”  Series regular Misha Collins directed the Season 9 episode Mother’s Little Helper. In addition, our favorite Trickster later discovered as the archangel Gabriel, actor Richard Speight, Jr., directed  the episodes Just My Imagination and Stuck in the Middle (With You).

Now veteran actress Amanda Tapping (Stargate, Sanctuary) is slated to bring her directorial vision to Supernatural. It is a “welcome home” to Tapping as well:  In Season 8, she delighted viewers as holy terror Naomi, an angel who controlled Castiel’s mind with her own brand of persuasion. Later, Naomi met her demise at the hands of Scribe of God Metatron (Curtis Armstrong).

Given Tapping’s  incredible experience within the sci-fi genre, Supernatural fans excitedly await her much anticipated debut as director.





Photo Credit: IMDB


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