The Creators #5 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Maya and Roxie are preparing to save their captured creations in the fifth installment of The Creators. The two of them are bonding and trying to share more about their lives and Creations with each other as they try to finalize their plan. While they are focusing on their plan, Headmistress Morgan Etain is setting her own work in motion.

As we watch Morgan using the young Creator, Ben to help her try and regain her powers we are shown a scene from her past. When her powers were beginning to wane, Morgan became obsessed with creating more and more Creations who could help her later on to regain her abilities. While she is hyper focused on her goal as a younger woman one of the other creators, Adwin, tries to tell her that she doesn’t need her power to be special. When we return to the present we see that Ben has been able to create something and while Roxie and Maya are sneaking into the locked room where the Creations are kept we watch as Morgan’s powers suddenly reemerge. Roxie and Maya also uncover not only that their Creations are being kept prisoner, but that Morgan’s work has been far more dangerous than they imagined. With Morgan’s powers returning I can only imagine the next issues in the series will be full of some very interesting Creations.

creators 51

The opening of The Creators #5 was a fun little moment between Roxie and Maya. They were bonding and just sort of becoming friends instead of focusing solely on what is going on at the academy. Having Roxie pierce her ears also showed a moment of growth for Maya and a decision to do something she’d never done before. I did feel bad for Simon, he wanted to help, but his power seems like it is at a much higher level than even he knew and that he might not have been able to control it during their sneaky mission. I am really hoping that we learn more about Adwin, especially now that Morgan has found a way to get her Creator powers back. I love the Creations that appear within this series, they are so imaginative and unexpected.

Creators 52

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