Happy Birthday Sterling K. Brown via @stacyamiller85 @sterlingkb1 @NBCThisIsUs #ThisIsUs

Gifted actor Sterling K. Brown celebrates his birthday April 5.

When you hear the name Sterling K. Brown, if you are a fan of NBC’s hit television series This Is Us, the first thing you think of is Randall Pearson, the strong but sensitive adopted son of Jack and Rebecca. But if you have been a fan of Brown for over ten years (like myself), you know him from his roles as obsessed vampire hunter turned blood thirty vampire Gordon Walker on The CW’s Supernatural and supportive husband Roland Burton on Lifetime’s Army Wives.

The Stanford University and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts trained actor brings a commitment and passion to any role he plays. Watching Sterling K. Brown take a character from script to screen is magic. He becomes that character and is an epitome of what it means to be an actor: getting in your character’s skin. Brown makes us feel, oftentimes with just a look or body gesture. He has a commanding presence that is almost hypnotic.

After making the rounds in film and television, Sterling K. Brown took the role that would earn him Critic’s Choice and Primetime Emmy awards that of Christopher Darden in The People v O.J. Simpson. His portrayal caused people to take notice of his talent. The many accolades Brown has received have been well deserved. And as the aforementioned Randall on This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown continues to amaze.

So on this April 5 your birthday, Sterling I wish you continued success and happiness. And thank you for gracing our screens and enriching our lives with your gift.

For your birthday, here is a poem from poet and The Nerdy Girl Express writer Tracy Diane Miller:

I was born, wide-eyed and innocent,
With my story ready to be told,
The peaks and valleys of my life,
Determined, yet cautious, as they unfold.

Do you see my footprints?
The imprints on the sand,
Each tell a chapter of my story,
For all to understand.

This is me.

I am the blood of my ancestors,
Courage, gratitude and respect, a part of my DNA,
A legacy of sweat and tears,
Their message had much to convey.

Do you see my footprints?
The imprints on the sand,
Each tell a chapter of my story,
For all to understand.

This is me.

I have lived many lives,
In many shoes I have had the privilege in which to walk,
As an actor, I am the history and voices of men,
Through characters, the journeys I shall embark.

Tears and fears, joy and sorrow,
My gait is slow and measured, with so much at stake,
So many emotions grip my soul,
But there is no mistake.

Do you see my footprints?
The imprints on the sand,
Each tell a chapter of my story,
For all to understand.

I am Roland.
I am Gordon.
I am Christopher.
I am Randall.

I am many men, you see.

But the skin that I am most grateful and humble to wear
Is Sterling,
Because this is me.

I am a child of respect and gratitude,
I am a son, a husband, a father, a friend,
Do you see my footprints?
A purposeful journey not ready to end.

This is me.

Photo Credits: Taken from IMDB, Google and given to Nathan Johnson, Variety and all original photographers.

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