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Prison Break returned to television on April 4.  What happened in the Season Premiere? Read on to find out.

Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is believed to have been dead these last seven years but as those nearest and dearest to him are going to learn…things aren’t always as they seem.

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell (Robert Knepper) has been released from Fox River Penitentiary, and is given his possessions along with an envelope with no return address.  Meanwhile in Chicago, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is running from a car of a gunman who he owes $100,000.  When he returns home, Lincoln finds someone he never expected waiting for him: T-Bag. If Bagwell doesn’t leave, he will crack his skull wide open warns Lincoln. Good to see you too , Burrows.  T-Bag tells Lincoln that he came to see him to inform him that his brother Michael might be alive then shows Lincoln the envelope and a photo of Michael in prison.  Lincoln can’t believe it is true, especially since it was T-Bag who brought him the news.

Lincoln arrives in Syracuse, NY and goes to see Sarah Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) .  She is surprised to see him because it has been a long time.  After Michael’s “death”, Lincoln found it difficult to see her or his nephew, Mike (Christopher Michael Cooper). However, recent developments have made it impossible to stay away.  He tells Sarah about T-Bag’s visit and shows her the photo.  Sarah thinks someone is playing a cruel joke on them. Her husband Jacob Ness (Mark Feuerstein) comes home and when Mike and Jacob leave the room, Sarah tells Lincoln that even if they both want it to be true, they have to remember where the information came from as T-Bag isn’t exactly trustworthy. Lincoln leaves and goes to Michael’s grave where he tells his little brother that if Michael is alive and out there somewhere, he’ll find him.

While he is in his hotel room, T-Bag receives a notice regarding an appointment with a prosthetic research doctor.  He goes to see Dr. Whitcombe. The Director of Prosthetics tells Bagwell that he was chosen to be the first recipient of a state of the art prosthetic hand by an anonymous donor.  The surgery could be done immediately if Mr. Bagwell is interested.

Lincoln sees a word in the photo ‘Ogygia’ and learns that it is a prison in Yemen. Could it be, could Michael really be alive and imprisoned in this Ogygia? There’s only one way for Lincoln to know whether his brother is dead or not and that is by digging up Michael’s grave.  And that is what he does. When he opens up the coffin, at first it does look like there is a body.  But soon Lincoln realizes that the head that was wrapped in paper is actually a ball. The grave is empty…it’s looking more like Michael is alive!  When he leaves the grave, a man who was at the car rental place with him causes Lincoln to crash his car! Who is this man and why does he want Lincoln dead? Welcome to Prison Break, let the conspiracies begin!  Lincoln calls Sarah to give her the news that he dug up Michael’s grave and there wasn’t a body in it.  He also tells her about the attempt that was made on his life.  There was a car and a truck involved.  As he is giving her a description of the vehicles, Sarah notices the truck parked outside her house.  She tells Jacob to go and get her gun from its hiding place behind the brick wall.  A hit woman enters the house and shots Jacob in the leg.  Sarah is able to call 911 but has to protect herself and her child until their arrival.  She hides them in the bathroom and puts Mike in the tub, telling him to stay there.  She then pulls off the towel rack as a makeshift weapon as the hit woman comes upstairs.  Fortunately, the police arrive but the hit woman flees.

At the hospital waiting for news on Jacob’s condition, Sarah questions Lincoln about what is going on.  If Michael is indeed alive, why would he stay away?  Why would he abandon his son?  Lincoln says that the only way to find out for certain is to go to Yemen.  Sarah can’t go with him but Lincoln knows someone who can help him.

Lincoln goes to Buffalo and seeks out Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin (Rockmond Dunbar).  He tells his old prison buddy about Michael.  If Scofield has been alive these last seven years and no one knew it, there must be some pretty powerful people involved in the cover up. C-Note is able to get confirmation from a friend of his that the photograph of Michael behind bars is not a fake.  Then, Lincoln discovers that Michael’s work photo has been replaced with that of another man.  It’s like someone is trying to erase Micahel Scofield from history. But why?  Lincoln is more than determine now to go to Yemen but C-Note warns that as Yemen is on the edge of a war, it would be unsafe for an American, especially a white man to go there.  C-Note questions that perhaps it was Michael himself that faked his own death.

Lincoln is in his room and hears a noise.  He punches the man who enters.  It is Fernanando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) who wants to help find out what happened to Michael, calling him his best friend. At the airport, they are met by C-Note who has decided to come along since he is the only one of the three who can speak Arabic. No sooner then they arrive in Yemen, C-Note, Sucre and Lincoln are accosted by some men and a physical fight brews. “Greetings from the US prison system bitches!” C-Note says.  They meet a woman named Sheba (Inbar Lavi) who offers help.

T-Bag awakens from his surgery and is told that it was successful. Dr. Whitcombe tells Bagwell that the only thing he knows about his benefactor is that he said the word Outis, which is Nobody in Greek.

Lincoln learns that the suit jacket he took from Michael’s casket indicates that it was custom made for someone named Kaniel Outis. A man named Omar (Akin Gazi) tells Burrows that he can make arrangements for him to visit the prison.  There is a man matching Lincoln Burrows’ brother Michael’s description locked up there.

But the only condition for the visit is that Lincoln must relinquish his US passport, which is a very valuable commodity in Yemen. People who want to escape the country could make use of an American passport. Both Sheba and C-Note don’t think that’s a good idea, but Lincoln complies as he’ll do anything to get inside that prison and see for himself if it is Michael.  At the prison, Sheba and C-Note talk with the guards in Arabic and are told that there is no one by the name of Michael Scofield there. When Lincoln shows the photo of Michael, he is told that is Kaniel Outis. And it seems that Knaiel Outis is a known terrorist that has been locked for trying to overthrow the government.

 In Syracuse, Mike asks his mother about his real father.  She tells her son that Michael was like a beautiful storm.  Is this storm about to blow back their way?

Lincoln finally comes face-to-face with Kaniel Outis.  It is Michael!  But Burrows is shocked when Michael pretends he doesn’t know him and says that he’s not Michael Scofield.  Lincoln notices open eye tattoos on Michael’s palms. What do they mean? Michael walks away leaving Lincoln shouting after him asking what is he doing.

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