Center Yourself and Say, “Eat, Pray, Liv” #iZombie fans. Episode 3 Recap via @quietlikeastorm

This Tuesday we took a break from Vivian and her Zombie hitmen to get back to our original group. There was a lot of drama. Like Friends meets the Sopranos and they all eat brains drama. Read on to hear all about the episode!

We start with our usual murder of the week. This time its a hippy life guru who gets it while he’s meditating. Who would want to kill a happy, easy going, guy who only wants good things from people and the world? Liv eats his brains in some amazing looking tea to find out.

Sadly we get no real flashbacks, but instead we get plenty of good old fashioned police work from our favorite duo, piggy and the brain. We find out that our life guru definitely had some skeletons in his closet. He used to be a CEO and took peoples money on the regular with his buddies. It all went south, he turned on them, and then eventually found a new, better way for his life to go. Sound familiar everyone? *cough*Blaine*cough*

In the end, we find out it was his old buddy that went to jail for their crimes who killed him and then tried to frame the other friend for it. You reap what you sow guys, even if you decide to not be that person anymore. There are always consequences in the future.

We also got to see Liv and Clive have the cops called on them while on stake out because the nosy neighbor thinks a pimp is yelling at a hooker. I have to admit I missed most of what Clive and the other cop said to each other because I was laughing to much at that line and Liv quipping about how he, “had been snippy.” We also saw Clive climb in a dumpster and damn if he doesn’t make it look good. Hell yeah Malcolm Goodwin, hell yeah.

Blaine is in a very similar situation now. Not the dumpster, but being a good guy now, but his old enemies are coming back to get him. He was a terrible guy (incredibly likeable still, but that does not make a good person) but after receiving the cure and losing his memory, he seems to have completely turned himself around. The more I see the ‘new’ Blaine, the less convinced I am that he’s faking. I still go back and forth, but he had zero reaction to his father coming back, he’s happy being a lounge singer, he’s not even ripping off zombies for thousands of dollars for a little brain!


“Listen Blaine, we didn’t want you to find out from someone else, but we’re not doing a musical episode this season”


Blaine’s father is out to get some revenge and make some cash with his new zombie club, The Scratching Post. Not only do I love that name, but I can’t wait to see all the people going to it. You know all the cool zombies will be there. I wonder if they’ll have any farm to table food to eat? This would bring attention from not only Liv and Clive, but also Blaine and even Vivian. Vivian and Angus as nemesis sounds epic! Or them teaming up could be the actual beginning of the end of the world.

Don E is also in this episode for a bit. He might not have the most screen time, but I feel like we’re just scratching the surface of his character. I also feel like he is starting to not like being Angus’s errand boy. I feel a double cross coming on, and its not like he hasn’t done that before.

I lied a little, we don’t see Vivian at all, but we do see a little of her hitmen training with Major. He is having a hard time as he keeps getting hit during their paintball drills. Not to mention the nasty looking brain paste they give them to eat. For real, Liv needs to go cook for them. Or maybe our Nerdy Girl, @kleffnotes, who is always making up new, amazing, brainy recipes! (Check those out)

Major does make a friend, Justin, who even gets an invite back to his home where he invites Liv over for a dance party with brains and crackers. Justin and Liv do the smile thing at each other which in TV language means there might be a romance between them soon. I hope he makes it, because so far being Liv’s boyfriend is bad news. We even see Major giving Liv a longing look. Is he regretting not being with her again? Now that he’s dying dying, as he is already dead technically, is he seeing what’s really important in his life? I guess we’ll find out.

It’s interesting to me that Major isn’t doing well at his training though. Throughout the first two seasons we see Major go on all sorts of killing sprees and make it out. It seems his illness is really getting to him. Ravi even checks him out and confirms that his lungs are filling up and he only has weeks left.

Ravi. Ravi, Ravi, Ravi. He is the resident cinnamon roll of the cast and so far has shown nothing but his good side to everyone. It’s fitting they finally give Ravi a couple of flaws. All in the name of love, of course. He is still not dealing well with being unable to help when Peyton was kidnapped and becoming more and more jealous of Blaine as time went on. This has also caused him to shy away from Peyton when she was needing comfort. It finally explodes out when they ask Blaine over to the morgue for a friendly chat. They want to try out Ravi’s new amnesia cure on him. Blaine would be a guinea pig and could even die from it. They don’t know.

Blaine is of course unenthusiastic about this possibility, and with pretty much everyone telling him how horrible he had been before, I get that he doesn’t want to remember. I wouldn’t either. But this is where it ties into the crime of the week, should you be punished for past sins, when you’ve made yourself into a better person now? Ravi absolutely spews vitrol at Blaine and none of it is wrong. He is a drug dealer, he has taken advantage of others, he is a full on murderer, its his fault that Major and Liv are zombies in the first place. The list goes on, but its the fact that Ravi isn’t saying it because it’s true, he’s trying to convince Peyton of it so she’ll ‘love’ him again.

She rightfully calls him on his shit, but I think she also defends Blaine too much. She knows everything he’s done, even broke up with him and cut all ties because of it.  She’s a lawyer herself and knows people have to pay for their crimes. Of course Blaine can’t really go before a jury without the whole Z secret being let out. So what is a proper punishment? Maybe it is being a guinea pig for the cure. So what’s the answer? I don’t think there is a clear cut answer, but Blaine finally tells them its fine. He’ll take the new amnesia cure.

But that’s not the end of the hurt for Ravi and Peyton. We saw earlier in the episode how Katty was back and figuring out this brain business way too quickly. Ravi and Liv lie and try to keep her off the trail, but we’ll see how long that lasts. We see Katty one more time at the end of the episode when Peyton goes over to Ravi’s place and they almost make amends. That is until she realizes Katty is also there. Without pants. Guess Ravi’s over that whole getting fired thing now? She leaves angry and hurt, and Ravi is left hurt and sad. The #Paine continues!

What did you think of this weeks episode? Do you think Blaine’s faking? Will he recover his memories? Who will Peyton end up with? Make sure to watch next week (Tuesday on the CW at 9:00PM/E), we need all the ratings we can get to continue this amazing show!


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