The Fear Diaries Part Two @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

In The Fear Diaries Part Two: Dissolution of Darkness we are dropped right back into the action of Part One. Teddy and his team are squaring off against the The Dark Mistress’ Army to protect the children of the world from her evil power of fear.

As the battle wages between the toys, the Dark Mistress steps in and threatens the life of Sherman, the loyal turtle fighting alongside Teddy. Their leader rallies the troops and as they attack to protect their friend the Mistress gloats that she will be able to spread her fear into the real world. Teddy reveals that they were just stalling and suddenly a human hero appears. The Creator has come to banish the evil fear filled soul and with powerful magic he overtakes the villain. Though this battle may be over Teddy and his team will remain ever vigilant in their protection of all sleeping children.

FD 1

My favorite moment in this issue is when the unicorn who fights with Teddy yells “You mess with the unicorn, you get the horn!” I just loved that moment and it added so much to the already dramatic battle of toys. I really like the art in this book, the added magical elements in this issue were wonderful. I hope that this team is able to create more stories, either in this universe or in another universe, in the future. This is a must read for young comic book readers and would be a fun before bedtime book for kids.

FD 2

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