#PrisonBreak The Prisoner’s Dilemma S5Ep4 Review via @stacyamiller85 @PBWritersRoom @PrisonBreak

With “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” Prison Break returned to its former glory in high octane force.

The latest episode of Prison Break broke out both metaphorically and physically. Until “The Prisoner’s Dilemma,”I felt that there was still something off about the series.  Sure, I’ve enjoyed immensely being welcomed back into these characters’ lives, but it was like visiting a family member that you haven’t seen in years.  They are the same person but different in a lot of ways; that spark that made them who they were seemed to be missing.  And with a show like Prison Break, the drama and action is great but without the emotion, it’s like eating part of a hamburger…it’s good, but you keeping asking yourself “Where’s the rest of it?”

Well, there was no mistaking that viewers got the meat (with fries on the side and a cold drink!).  I think one of the things that made the episode for me was that Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) no longer felt disconnected from Michael (Wentworth Miller).  And he was a man of action to boot.  The scene where he ran right into the prison showed Lincoln’s determination to get his brother out.  He had no concern for his personal safety, just getting to Michael.

Ogygia is a scary place no doubt about it.  Seeing all the political unrest in Yemen was interesting but at times it dragged on longer than it needed. If we had been given a twenty-two episode season for the return, that would have been fine. But two episodes of this made me (and I’m sure other viewers as well) screaming at their televisions “ Enough, break them out of prison already!”

Abu Ramal as a character took us back to the days of classic Prison Break.  The good guys having to work with a bad guy. Abu Ramal couldn’t be trusted and Team Michael really needed to dump his ass, but the ends justify the means, his help was required  (Like Abruzzi in Season One).  But viewers (and Michael) knew that Abu Ramal was trying to betray them. He’s a killer.  But as fate would have it (otherwise known as the Prison Break writers), Abu Ramal ends up in the cell that is crucial to the escape. Tension arises for both the characters and the viewers.  And that is Prison Break, the higher the tension, the higher the drama. Then you have the bombs, other prisoners trying to get out.  You get the idea.

Taking a break from the prison (total pun intended), we have the T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) face off, which was awesome by the way. T-Bag has issues with Kellerman, who arranged releases from prison for everyone, except Bagwell.  So you can imagine T-Bag would be pissed.  Seeing these characters rehash their history and old wounds was great. I was sorry to see Paul get plugged by the bad guys (Gonna miss you Kellerman!) but glad T-Bag escaped. And him calling 911 for help?  That’s right up there with asking the devil to be Facebook friends.  Never thought I’d see that happen.

Back to the prison, we have all these little scenes going on like Sid stabbing that guy, Ja getting food and Whip’s confrontation with Abu; this stuff just adds to the excitement leading up to the escape.  It makes us really want to see these guys make their prison break.

And when Michael and company finally escaped the prison, but still faced danger with a blade being held to Michael’s throat and Lincoln riding into the rescue? Cheers all around. I’m looking forward to seeing Michael’s explanation to his brother for everything

It is this reviewer’s opinion that “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” was the best episode of Prison Break so far this season.

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