#PrisonBreak Behind the Eyes S5Ep9 Review via @stacyamiller85 @PBWritersRoom @PrisonBreak

Prison Break ended its season with the climatic confrontation between Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Jacob a/k/a Poseidon (Mark Feurerstein).

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the Season Finale episode “Behind These Eyes” please do not continue reading.

One of the major reasons for the popularity of Prison Break is not the big escapes that have been the theme of the series since its inception. At the heart of Prison Break is the relationship of the two brothers, who will do anything for each other. Michael and Lincoln put their lives on the line to protect the other. So as Michael faces his enemy in the season finale episode “Behind These Eyes,” I feel Lincoln should have been fighting the fight alongside him. But Michael deals with Jacob without big bro. Granted, Lincoln did help save Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Mike (Christen Michael Cooper), but it would have been nice seeing the brothers taking down Poseidon together.

That aside, the season finale again reminded viewers how resourceful Michael Scofield is. Just when you thought that Jacob had outsmarted him and Michael would go down as terrorist Kanil Outis for Jacob’s crimes, Michael’s video and blood planting evidence was perfect. I wish Jacob’s motive for the whole Poseidon frame-up had been something larger than wanting Scofield’s wife for himself. It just seemed like a huge let down after thinking that Poseidon, this crime mastermind seemingly plotting world domination, was after a woman. And I could never tell whether Jacob truly loved like little Mike or if the boy was only a pawn in Jacob’s game.

Discovering T-Bag was Whip’s father was a surprise. However with the limited number of episodes, this plot couldn’t develop the way it should have. We never got to see a father/son relationship between the two. And then Whip gets killed by A.W., an angry T-Bag gets his revenge on his son’s murderer by killing A.W. but ends up back in prison.

As the episode closed, Michael got to make up for lost time by spending it with his family. If Prison Break gets a sixth season renewal, I wonder what type of conspiracy the writers will come up with to get our favorite genius locked up again. But karma came back to bit Jacob on the ass as the final scene showed him in Fox River with T-Bag as his bunk mate. This is not going to turn out well for Jacob!

I wish Prison Break Season Five had gotten more than a nine episode order as there were many stories that needed more detailed play-out. Maybe the network “governor” will revoke the prisoners’ pardons a/k/a cancellation and locked them up again for another year or so.

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