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The third episode of Prison Break titled “The Liar” reminded me of all the reasons I love Prison Break.

I stated in my last review of Episode 2 “Kaniel Outis,” I found the pacing to be a little slower than the season premiere, but not so with “The Liar.” There were many exciting moments with me wondering/worrying how Michael (Wentworth Miller) was going to pull off his escape plan. It was interesting to me that the actually prison break was taking place so early on in the season.  In the first season of Prison Break, there was a lot of set-up involving the characters and the escape route Michael and company planned to use.  Not to mention preparation. So if I have any issues with this season’s attempt, it would be two questions: who and why?  Meaning, who are these people and why should we care that Michael is risking so much to help bust them out? As this season doesn’t have the luxury of twenty-two episodes, the writers have to work getting right to the escape plan without the psychological aspects of Michael’s plan.  And seeing the break out scenes were reminiscent of the Prison Break of old. The prisoners rushing to try to get through the hole in the ceiling to the roof while the guards were on their way to the cell. And of course, you knew that someone would get left behind.

I was happy to see T-Bag return in this episode.  I missed him in the last one. I know Theodore Bagwell is a vile character who has done some terrible things, but Robert Knepper just adds so many layers to this character that transcends him above the traditional villain. Is he good? Is he bad? We never know and that’s what makes him some much fun.  Obviously many fans agreed with this assessment according to response from my Tweet below.  His appearance was basically to alert Sara to the information on the people after her because of Michael.  Hey, I’ll take any T-Bag scene I can get. But I was secretly wishing that somehow T-Bag could end up in Ogygia with Michael and be part of the actual escape.

I’m really hoping to see Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) become more involved in the actually escape plot.  Right now it still seems like he’s there but not there if that makes any sense. There has to be something he can do to help his brother while he’s on the outside.  I’ll say it again, I know that Lincoln is smart and is more than just brawn. But seeing Lincoln stop the near rape was a good way to remind viewers that underneath that tough exterior, Burrows is a hero.

However hands down the best scene of the entire episode had to be Michael’s video to Sara after he and breakout crew are caught by the guards. Michael always seems so confident that he has everything under control, but he’s words to her showed a defeat and fear that he’d never see her again. He seemed resigned to the fact that he was going to die, but just wanted her to make sure that he’d be buried under his real name.  Darn it low battery…Sara probably never hear that poignant message.

Although I’m enjoying this return of Prison Break, I realized what feels lacking is that Michael’s story is so large that it makes the other characters look like window dressing. I know that the draw of Prison Break is the breaking out of prison, but I also want to see more from the characters on the outside as well.  There’s only six episode remaining, which could be the downside as far as the other characters’ development but I’m hopeful that the skilled writers of Prison Break will give us a story worthy of the beloved series’ return.

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