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Carrie Genzel has the personality, talent and versatility as an actress that has made her an enduring performer in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. In a profession that is a “survival of the fittest” to many actors heading to Hollywood with dreams of stardom only to find their aspirations crushed, Genzel has defied the odds and secured her place. She is a thespian who continues to impress by breathing life into many memorable characters.

When it comes to Genzel, the sky is the limit. In the 1990s, fans and critics took notice of Genzel when she debuted as Skye Chandler, the troubled daughter of Pine Valley titan Adam Chandler (David Canary) on the long running ABC daytime drama All My Children. Genzel was undaunted going head to head in weighty emotional scenes with veteran performers like Canary and Susan Lucci (who played Erica Kane). In a recent interview I had with her for The Nerdy Girl Express, Genzel admitted that at the time she portrayed Skye, she was a relative newbie who had previously had smaller guest spots and that All My Children was her first contract role. I remember Carrie Genzel’s work on All My Children and I didn’t see a newbie. What I saw was a skilled actress who relied upon her creative instincts and brought an authentic interpretation to every scene.

After exiting All My Children, more film and television roles followed. In 2005, Genzel landed on the then WB (and now The CW) series Supernatural. Viewed as the “little horror show that could” by fans and the media, Supernatural revolves around two Kansas born brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) who fulfill the family business of hunting supernatural evil and saving people. In the eighth episode of Season 1 appropriately titled “Bugs”, Genzel played Lynda Bloome, a confident realtor hungry for sales who, sadly became a meal to an army of spiders. If you thought the shower scene in Psycho was terrifying, I submit that Carrie Genzel can give Janet Leigh a run for her money in high energy horror!

As if becoming bug chow wasn’t enough (Genzel was a real trooper dealing with the spiders and tarantula), the actress returned to Supernatural in the Season 11 episode “Just My Imagination.” In The Hugo Award nominated episode (written by Jenny Klein and directed by Richard Speight, Jr.), Genzel was Linda Berman, a concerned mother who worried about her daughter’s attachment to an imaginary friend. In a memorable scene, viewers saw Genzel’s face covered in manicorn blood, courtesy of the slaughtered imaginary friend named Sparkle. The consummate professional, Genzel never broke the serious demeanor of a worried mother. Fans continue to remark about how humorous the scene was and how much enjoyment Genzel brought to this role. We hope that the Supernatural powers that be can find a way to bring Genzel back to the show in Season 13.

Carrie Genzel led audiences back to Camelot as Jackie Kennedy in Watchmen and plays First Lady Maureen Bennett in the upcoming movie Max 2: White House Hero.

Carrie Genzel is an amazing actress who effortlessly adds depth to every character she plays. She sparkles and viewers remain grateful that she illuminates us with her talent.
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Carrie Genzel as Skye Chandler (pictured with David Canary) in All My Children.

Carrie Genzel as Lynda Bloome and as Linda Berman (pictured with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles; pictured with Richard Speight, Jr.) in Supernatural.

Carrie Genzel as Jackie Kennedy (pictured with Lochlyn Munroe) in Watchmen.




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