@Carrie_Genzel Sparkles As An Actress via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @TheJimMichaels

Carrie Genzel has the personality, talent and versatility as an actress that has made her an enduring performer in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. In a profession that is a “survival of the fittest” to many actors heading to Hollywood with dreams of stardom only to find their aspirations crushed, Genzel has defied the odds and secured her place. She is a thespian who continues to impress by breathing life into many memorable characters.

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Interview With Actress @Carrie_Genzel via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @cw_spn

Carrie Genzel has explored numerous characters in so many genres; she is a skilled actress with a flair for both comedy and drama. From her critically acclaimed role as Skye Chandler in the long running daytime drama All My Children in the 1990s, to a slew of guest and recurring roles on television, to a solid film career, Carrie Genzel is a much sought after actress. Supernatural fans know her best for her very memorable turns in the episodes “Bugs”and “Just My Imagination.” I recently had the pleasure of speaking with her about her impressive acting career. Read what she had to say below.

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