Geek-Girl #3 Review and Series Updates ( @daSamJohnson ) from @kleffnotes

Geek-Girl isn’t your typical superhero. After finding a way to win a pair of powerful glasses, these techy specs give the wearer super strength and the ability to fly, in a game of strip poker, Ruby Kaye finds herself fighting crime. I had previously talked about this series when issue #4 was released and even though I’m jumping backwards a bit I have a review of issue #3 and some new Geek-Girl news for readers hoping to check out the series.

This issue of Geek-Girl opens with a great recap of the events that led Ruby to take on her superhero mantle so if you jump in with this issue you’ll definitely be able to catch up. While flying around town she gets a call from her friend Summer, who lets her know that a robbery is in progress with two super villains holding up a cellphone store. Geek-Girl flies to the rescue, but while she takes down these bad guys, she’s faced with some pretty horrible people in her every day life. She stops by a restaurant to check in on the waitress she saved after winning the glasses and while she’s there is harassed by some of the people she once called friends.


Since the glasses grant her powers everyone who knows about the glasses has figured out Ruby is fighting crime. Apparently one of the guys filmed a video of her fighting with a female villain and it’s been blowing up on the internet. The downside is that it’s blowing up for some pretty awful reasons. The group’s leader, Karin, says that it was her idea to change the name of the video to something using a lesbian slur and proceeds to insult Ruby because of her sexuality. When things get particularly nasty and Karin hits Ruby, she reacts and something very strange happens. The mean girl’s face cracks like she’s made out of porcelain and a new villain is revealed to Ruby.


Ruby Kaye is an interesting character to watch develop. She isn’t exactly sure of how to be a superhero yet, but she’ trying to help people as much as she can. While she makes the occasional mistake, her heart is in the right place. While I don’t have all the information about the villain revealed in this issue, his powers are interesting and I am definitely going to have to read the first two issues to learn just who he is. Instead of focusing so much on Ruby as a hero the emphasis on bullying and how to handle tough situations with people you once considered to be your friends stood out to me far more in this issue. The art in the series is also really well done, though I will admit I totally couldn’t ever pull off Ruby’s Geek-Girl costume.

Geek-Girl #3 & #4 are Out Now and available in Regular, Digital and Variant editions at – along with new Variants of Geek-Girl #1-#3 for newcomers to her mini-series.


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