Lilith Dark #1 Newsprint @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Lilith Dark is part of Alterna Comics first newsprint run and as a special treat this storyline is something brand new that has never been released by Alterna before. In this series the young and very imaginative Lilith sees herself as a brave hero fighting against dangerous monsters. In this issue we see her battling dangerous cannonbulls, who aren’t exactly what they appear.

Lilith’s adventures are interrupted by her older sister, who yells for her to stop hitting her older brother and throwing meatloaf on the floor. A storm rumbles outside as she sits in her room wishing she could have a real adventure. When a nearby tree gets stuck by lightning she thinks she sees a beastie creeping about outside. In the morning she tells her brother about what she thought she saw and he insists that she must have imagined it. Before the bus comes, Lilith sees a kitten and decides to chase after it. When the furry little critter climbs into the lightning scorched tree, she decides she needs to rescue it from the beastie she saw. As she climbs farther and farther into the trunk the kitten suddenly changes into something much less adorable, but our young hero is saved by a tiny beastie she nicknames Spoon. It looks like Lilith will get the real adventure she was longing for after all.

Lilith 1

Lilith Dark is a cute character and her bravery in the face of even the most dangerous and bizarre situations is adorably charming. She doesn’t worry about her own safety, but just wants to save others from possible dangers. Her imagination reminds me of when I was a young kid playing imagination games by myself to pass the time. The art in this series is a fun mix of cartoonish youthful elements with slightly darker elements thrown in, like the human eating cannonbulls. Lilith’s dialogue also has a cute and youthful tone, which pairs well with the fantastical situations she creates and finds herself in. Check your local comic book store for this great newsprint release.

Lilith 2

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