@Carrie_genzel Wants To Help Us Find Our @state_of_slay via @tdmiller820917 #StateOfSlay

These are very challenging times and often, the Internet can be more of a foe than friend to achieving a peaceful spirit. Anger, negativity and cyberbullying are some of the formidable obstacles awaiting an unsuspecting web surfer.

Yet, rather than get trapped in that quagmire of despair, or to feel that you’re alone in your struggle to understand and appreciate that which makes you uniquely YOU, actress Carrie Genzel wants to help us find our State Of Slay!

I recently interviewed Genzel for The Nerdy Girl Express about State Of Slay, her new blog that she launched on May 30th. Genzel explained:


“State Of Slay is meant to mean that you are living in a state of self love and appreciation of yourself, S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you. I also liked that the name carries imagery to it that makes you think of someone rising up from the flames like a warrior, or at least it does for me. My mission with the blog is to create a community, I’m a firm believer that there is strength in numbers, and when people of like-minds, or goals, come together anything is possible, in this case, hopefully to lift each each other up to reach our full potential so we can all soar. To start with I’m planning to post two new blogs a week, each will a SLAY OF THE DAY set of questions or tasks at the bottom of them, things that take the topic of the day into action. I’m a firm believer in taking action, without the action nothing changes, so I invite those who read the blogs do the work, it’s work that I’ve done in the past, and in some cases continue to do. As the following grows I will add more content and I may be adding some live video sessions where we can all chat and talk further about what’s being discussed on the blog and in the comments. I also plan, as I am with my social media now, to be very active with those who do leave comments or questions for me to continue the conversations or to get into something more specific. State Of Slay will grow as we all grow together, and I’ll assess how I can make the experience for everyone better.”

Genzel’s first State Of Slay blog post, “Gratitude is the Best Attitude”, already demonstrates her commitment in helping others along that road towards unwrapping their authentic selves. As anyone who follows Genzel on social media can attest, she is a practitioner of gratitude in her own life. Sure she has the talent and has labored hard for decades at her acting craft, but Carrie Genzel isn’t embarrassed to acknowledge fan support. She also isn’t embarrassed to acknowledge that journeying towards that desired State Of Slay takes time. It is a process best achieved and appreciated with every moment and with every step.

Come and SLAY with Carrie Genzel at (link: http://stateofslay.com) stateofslay.com and start a positive revolution for us and everyone around us.

You can also SLAY with Carrie Genzel on social media at:

Twitter: (link: https://twitter.com/state_of_slay) twitter.com/state_of_slay

Instagram: (link: http://instagram.com/stateofslay) instagram.com/stateofslay

Facebook: (link: http://facebook.com/stateofslay) facebook.com/stateofslay



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