The Maroon #1 @OwlEyeComics Review from @kleffnotes

The Maroon, from Owl Eye Comics and created by Derek W. Lipscomb is a mature series inspired by the tradition of American folklore, but with a twist. This ongoing series focuses on The Maroon, described by Lipscomb as a Black Seminole, who is running from a band of villainous bounty hunters trying to claim the warrant on his head.

We first meet a young boy and his father who are going about their day, until The Maroon arrives looking for supplies and shelter. The father directs him toward the river, but insists that they can’t help him. When the bounty hunters arrive the man directs them away from The Maroon and tells his son that they will need to prepare to leave, in case the men discover he has mislead them. While getting water the boy is attacked by a massive bearlike beast and only survives because of the strength and bravery of The Maroon. The father and son take care of the injured man and by morning they all prepare to leave, but they are caught by the bounty hunters. A bloody fight breaks out and The Maroon finds himself dealing with even more tragedy.

The Maroon is an interesting adaptation of American history and I think would be a series that those who enjoyed Django Unchained and other modern historical adaptations would be interested in. We don’t know much about the main character yet, but we do know that his life has been beset by tragedy for an extended period of time and I am curious to learn more about his life before he was forced to go on the run. The color work in The Maroon is very vivid and the use of bright colors and shadow add to the dramatic storyline. I also enjoyed the introduction of a supernatural beast and am intrigued to see if more beings will appear.

You can find out more details about The Maroon on the official website for the comic.

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