Book Review: Beauty & The Beast Fire at Sea by @NancyHolder via @stacyamiller85 #BATB

Many fans were saddened when Beauty & The Beast ended its run on The CW in 2016. Detective Catherine Chandler and Dr. Vincent Keller enchanted fans with their romance as their love faced dangers due to the fact that Keller’s DNA had been genetically altered by government agency Muirfield in an attempt to create a super soldier government weapon, this caused Vincent to develop”beast-like” abilities. When he saved Catherine’s life, their fates became forever intertwined. We were invited into the world of Catherine and Vincent, their best friends JT and Tess and Catherine’s little sister Heather every week for four seasons. There was always action, adventure and danger.  But above all, undeniable love and loyalty.

In New York Times Best Selling Author Nancy Holder’s novel Beauty & The Beast Fire at Sea, Heather is in a life and death situation that tests her determination to survive. Despite their decision to take a long overdue and well deserved honeymoon by going on a cruise with a destination for Hawaii, Catherine and Vincent are directly affected by Heather’s plight. This couple should know that a relaxing vacation for them never turns out as expected.  Meanwhile, Tess must deal with a possible event that could change her relationship with JT.

What I enjoyed about Beauty & The Beast Fire at Sea was that through Nancy Holder’s writing, the reader was able to picture the heightened danger facing our protagonists. Of course for the fan of the television series Beauty & The Beast, a crucial element was whether the characters we’ve loved for years were depicted in the novel’s pages.  The answer to this question was a resounding ‘yes.’ Heather dreams of happily-ever-after and has jumped in and out of relationships searching for her Mr. Right. When she starts dating Ravi Suresh, Heather thinks she finally found her Prince Charming. But Ravi endangers Heather’s life and sets off a chain of events that finds its way to Catherine and Vincent’s ocean paradise.

Another thing I found that made Beauty & The Beast Fire at Sea a change of pace from the television series was that the bad guys weren’t pursuing Vincent because he is a beast; Catherine and Vincent were victims of circumstances (As was Heather).  In this page turner, the focus shifted from how would Heather get out of the mess she was in, to how would Catherine and Vincent deal with things once they discovered what was happening.  And as a cute side story, we got JT and Tess dog sitting a pampered pooch named Princess Mochi and the headaches that come from it. JT and Tess were always the counter balance to Catherine and Vincent’s larger-than-life love affair. Nancy Holder really captured the nuances of the Forbes/Vargas pairing. But once JT and Tess learn about Heather, “Operation Rescue Catherine Little Sister” goes into full swing. Seeing Catherine and Vincent against the enemy while on a cruise ship with other passengers in the line of fire, reinforced the power of their of love and take charge personas. Nancy Holder’s writing style lends itself to the reader being invested from the first word until the last.

I recommend Beauty & The Beast Fire at Sea. It’s a well written, fast paced story that will appeal to fans of Beauty & The Beast and non-fans alike.

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