Young Americans Premiered July 12, 2000 via @stacyamiller85 @katemoennig @iansomerhalder #DawsonsCreek spin-off

Seventeen years ago, a series premiered on the now defunct The WB network.  That series was Young Americans.

Young Americans was a spin-off of Dawson’s Creek and starred Rodney Scott, Mark Famigletti, Katherine Moennig, Ian Somerhalder, Kate Bosworth and Ed Quinn. It aired from July 12 to August 30, 2000.

The series main character was William “Will” Krudski (Scott), who was first introduced during season three of Dawson’s Creek as a friend of Pacey Witter (played by Joshua Jackson).  Krudski serves as the series narrator (like James Van Der Beek’s Dawson did on Dawson’s Creek) Will was poor but smart and gained admission into Rawley Academy, an exclusive all boys school. There, he makes friends with his room mate Scout Calhoun (Famigletti). Scout ends up dating Will’s hometown friend Bella Banks (Bosworth) but their relationship faces a major complication. The dean’s son Hamilton Fleming (Somerhalder) befriends Jake Pratt (Moennig) but begins to wonder whether he (Hamilton) is gay because he develops feelings for Jake. But viewers know that Jake is really a girl named Jacqueline, who disguises herself as a boy so she can attend Rawley and also as a way of getting her mother to notice her. And finally, there was Finn (Quinn) a super cool teacher and coach of the rowing team.

Unfortunately, Young Americans only had one season of eight episodes.  Some people view Young Americans as a failed spin-off.  However, I found it to be very entertaining with interesting characters and story lines.  I would have loved for the series to have continued past the first season.

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