Adam Wreck #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

Adam Wreck #2 picks up with Captain Voric and the young Adam Wreck trekking across a planet in search of The Trillion Star. In exchange for helping the captain, Adam is hoping that they will be able to rescue his kidnapped parents, who are being held hostage by space pirates.

Adam tracks the elusive Trillion Star for the captain and while they hunt for it we learn how a young boy from Earth can chat with an alien from a planet he’s never been to. In a curios addition that made me smile we learn that a gas has been created that filters all languages on every planet so that all travelers can talk to each other. I loved this element and really enjoyed learning a bit about the history of this new place. Once they’ve found the Trillion Star we also learn that it has a very complex history and within all of the legends connected to it no one is exactly sure just what it does or what it can do. As promised Voric and his very “fishy” ship help Adam track down his parents signal, but they run into a bit of a snafu. Adam finds his parents, but they all wind up in danger. While Captain Voric tried to escape, he can’t just leave his new friend trapped on a ship with human eating alien pirates.

Adam Wreck is such a fun read and I love that they casually add in history about this outer space world. The dialogue between Voric and Adam is hilarious and the two of them have such a fun relationship. I am very curious to see what the Trillion Star actually does. I also really enjoy the art in this comic. The use of color is captivating and I am really enjoying seeing all of the alien races being presented. You can find Adam Wreck #2 in select comic book stores today!

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