Ghost Island #1 Comic Review ( @theGHOSTISLAND ) from @kleffnotes

Ghost Island #1 is part of a five part series currently in production following a successfully run Kickstarter campaign that ended earlier this month. It is described by the creator as “Jurassic Park, but with ghosts” and that comparison works really well.

We are introduced to our central character, Joshua during a seance the night before he leaves for the island. As he connects with the spirit of a young boy we watch as he loses control and attacks the boy’s father, this attack though is well deserved once you learn what the father has done. When he returns home Joshua finds a mysterious invitation in his mail that offers him a seance job. When he arrives at the dock he learns that he is not the only going to this strange location. We are introduced to a clockmaker and his son, a reporter and his assistant, and a priest, all of whom aren’t exactly sure what is going on. Once they arrive on the island everything is revealed at a formal dinner hosted by their host. He wishes to convert a large asylum on the island into a tourist attraction, Ghost Island. There are ghosts imprisoned within the cells, but in order to create the attraction he wants he needs Joshua to communicate with them.

In this first issue we learn about Joshua’s past and some of the tragedy that has touched his life. There is also a huge cliffhanger that has me desperate to read issue two. Ghost Island is an engaging read and I enjoyed learning about Joshua and what his powers can do. The artwork uses elements of light and dark to play up the supernatural elements of the story and just what we have seen of the ghosts so far makes me excited to see more of the supernatural inhabitants. I think fans of the supernatural and horror movies would really enjoy this series.

You can find out more information about Ghost Island on their website.

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