Lilith Dark #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

After the first issue of Lilith Dark, the young and very adorable Lilith has become the queen of the beasties and in her first royal decree she declares that they need to have a super delicious, and very sugary, feast. With all the beasties sent out to collect sweet treats things get a little bit dangerous for our young heroine.

While they were all very excited about tasty treats, it turns out that sugar isn’t all they have on their minds. Two of the cannonbulls, named by Lilith herself, head into Lilith’s house and snag her older sister and it turns out that they have a bit of a fleshier feast on their minds. Spoon, Lilith’s beastie buddy, tries to tell her something is wrong, but she is distracted by snacks and her newfound queendom. While they are in the tree, Lilith’s brother notices something is wrong and winds up setting out on his own rescue mission. He might have to get pretty heroic with both is sisters being threatened by dangerous beasties, who don’t care that Lilith was their queen.

The Lilith Dark comics are so cute and the main character is not only a brave and bold little girl, but she also just wants to have fun. I loved her intro speech and her dislike of meatloaf led to a super cute little scene. Beyond Lilith the variety of beasties are very fun and Spoon is ridiculously cute. He tries to explain to Lilith that evil is afoot, but she can’t understand him, no matter how frantic he becomes. This series is a perfect read for kids of all ages and for comic readers who are young at heart. You can check out this issue of Lilith Dark in select comic book stores today!

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