@SShinComics Issues #1 and #1.5 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Samurai Shin is a manga style series that examines two young warriors, Keith and Amir, who want to prove themselves as strong and confident samurai. While they have the same goal these young men find themselves at odds in the attempt to achieve their goals. As boys they fought in a match and have been bitter rivals ever since Amir defeated Keith. Issue 1 examines Amir and issue 1.5 looks more at Keith and what led to their diverging paths.

Both Amir and Keith are the sons of skilled samurai, one whose mother was part of an elite force of fighters and the other whose father had been trained to become part of them, but ultimately chose to remain a solo fighter. We watch as the bitter rivalry goes between the two young warriors and then the moment that their paths diverge. Amir is more soft spoken and actually winds up falling sick after their last fight and Keith is frequently talking and has a temper. In both issues someone dangerous appears and winds up bringing tragedy into the lives of the young boys.

Issue 1 has color and reads a bit more like an American comic book, while issue 1.5 has a more manga inspired feel in black and white. Within the description of the series the creators compare it to a few anime series, one of which I immediately saw a connection to, Samurai Champloo. The characters and mix of modern elements within the story is something I enjoyed.  I am curious to see where this stories goes in the future as these two issues provided more of a prelude for the characters.

You can find Samurai Shin on Comix Central and Peep Game Comix.

You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, and on their website.

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