Happy Birthday @MishaCollins via @stacyamiller85 #HappyBirthdayMishaCollins @gishwhes #Supernatural

On Thursday, September 18, 2008 Dean Winchester was pulled out of Hell by an angel named Castiel.  Meeting this heavenly being changed Dean’s world forever. And Supernatural was introduced to a new character that would become a part of the Winchesters’ lives.

Fans took to the angel Castiel so much so that actor Misha Collins, who plays the often confused heavenly being immediately became a favorite. As Castiel told Sam in the Season 6 episode “The Third Man,” he and Dean share a profound bound, so did the character of Castiel with the Supernatural fandom. Misha Collins became a cast regular in Season 5 and despite the changes over the years in Castiel i.e. his fall from grace and betrayal of Sam and Dean, the character has endured.

And Misha Collins shows how much Supernatural and the fandom means to him.  His humorous tweets via social media and fun appearance at Creation’s Salute to Supernatural conventions are a delight for attendees.

The Supernatural fandom have created countless works of art and fan fiction dedicated to Castiel and in extension, Misha. Here is a poem written by The Nerdy Girl Express’ resident poet:

Our guardian angel, a birthday poem for Misha Collins by Tracy Diane Miller

We were touched by an angel
In Supernatural Season Four
When you debuted as Castiel
A character for fans to adore

A servant of God
An ally to the Winchesters too
Despite all the ups and downs
The things that didn’t turn out well
The brothers had an angel friend
The sometimes tortured Castiel

Off screen
You still serve as a guardian angel
To you random acts of kindness mean so much
You really have no idea
Of the many lives you have touched

You have been our angel
That Fate has sent our way
Through my poetic voice
To you I send my best wishes
On this your birthday

In addition to Supernatural, Misha Collins is actively involved in GISHWHES. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, please check out the website:


As Misha Collins celebrates his birthday today, August 20, I’d like to wish him continued happiness and success and thank him for gracing us with his presence on Supernatural. He’s the angel on our shoulder.

Comments? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


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