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Jasmin Savoy Brown is the gifted young actress who played Evie in the final season of HBO’s The Leftovers.  She has also appeared as Nina on  Freeform’s Stitchers and has previous credits in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and NBC’s Grimm.  She currently plays Emilia Bassano on the TNT period drama Will.  Jasmin took the time from her schedule to talk about Will, Emilia, working in front and behind the camera as well as share some news on upcoming projects.  To learn more, read below.

What can you tell us about your character on the TNT period drama Will?

“I play Emilia Bassano, a real woman who was a proto feminist of her age. She was the first female English poet who penned and published under her own name, and she was an all around bad ass who went on to many other incredible things. In ‘Will’, Emilia becomes a good friend and artistic guide to William Shakespeare. She inspires him and works directly by his side to produce some phenomenal art.”

Is Emilia anything like Jasmin?  If so, how are you two similar?

“Emilia and I are alike in our stubbornness. Neither of us take no for an answer, which is a quality that is quite the double edged sword. We also both value art over almost everything except for live.”

How did playing a real life historical figure like Emilia Bassano inspire you?

“Playing Emilia gave me the courage to be more outspoken about what I believe in in my day to day life, and to not worry so much about the little things. Who cares what clothes I’m wearing when a crazy dictator is on the rise? Am I speaking as Emilia or Jasmin…?”

What kind of research did you do for your portrayal of Emilia?

“I studied her poetry, a lot of which is available for free online, I went to various museums around London to look at art produced by other members of her family, and I read excerpts from different books documenting her life.”

How is playing Emilia different from your previous roles as Evie on The Leftovers and Nina on Stitchers?

“Playing Emilia differed drastically from Evie and Nina simply because she was a real person. I felt the responsibility of doing Emilia’s life and essence justice, whereas with Evie and Nina I was making it up with the rest of the creative team as we went. All are rewarding and all are fun, just very different.”

What do you hope viewers take away when watching your performances?  That is to say, what impact do you want your acting to have?

All I can ever hope is that they believe it and they enjoy it.

Is there a dream role you’d like to play one day?

I have many!

Your acting experience has primarily been in drama.  Would you ever like to try your hand at comedy?

“I would love to do more comedy. I recently had the opportunity to work on Judd Apatow and Netlfix’s LOVE, which is comedy and I had a blast. I look forward to doing more comedic roles!

Would you ever like to work behind the camera someday?

“Absolutely. I am in the process of editing a short film I wrote, and I am already casting and planning the shoot in my head.”

Is there anything you’d like your fans to know about Jasmin Savoy Brown?

“Thank you for your support! I am happy to share that I just joined ABC’s “For The People”. I am excited to work with Shondaland, Paul William Davies, Donald Todd and Tom Verica to bring this story to life. The series will premiere on ABC in 2018!”

Photos Credit: James DePietro.

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