Mother Russia #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

I will admit that I am starting the Mother Russia series with issue #2, but even without having read the first issue I am already loving this series. Issue #2 opens with Frau Gorshkov holding a gun at the head of a Nazi who speaks Russian. There is mention of him previously saving her, well his dog, Brunhilde, saved her and then he saved his dog, and now they are slowly making an uneasy alliance.

Gorshkov is trying to protect a very young boy that she found in the first issue and as this unlikely group of four moves into shelter they begin discussing the zombie outbreak and just what they’ll have to do to survive. We learn that the Nazi in her company is named Otto Steiner and that he and the the unit he took over command of managed to make it this far. The problem is that he has lost all of his men and is completely out of food. He also can’t fully explain how the outbreak began, but he can be of some assistance to Gorshkov.

I am very intrigued by this series and am going to need to track down the first issue so that I can figure out just what I missed. Mother Russia is an interesting concept with a woman finding herself thrust into caring for a small child during a zombie apocalypse and having to team up with someone she finds utterly detestable. The zombies in this work are drawn as slightly more human, but they’ve discussed how the cold is impacting them. I think this is a must read for zombie fans and would be a great read for those who enjoy Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead.

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