Unit 44 @ALTERNACOMICS Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

Even the government has bills to pay and sometimes they just can’t remember which bills get paid when. In Unit 44 we meet Area 51 agents Gibson and Hatch who find themselves in an intergalactic mess when Gibson forgets to take care of a very important storage unit full of alien information and tech, Unit 44.

After 8 months of unpaid rental bills Unit 44 is put up for auction and two country boys named Ike and Chester wind up with way more than they ever expected to find. The problem is that while they think they’ve hit pay dirt, Gibson and Hatch are hot on their tails after being threatened by their boss to find a very specific crystal or else they are going to have to deal with some serious hurt. Through a comedic chain of events the agents track down their unit buyers and after a show of force from Hatch they think everything will be fine. If that were the case this would be a very short graphic novel. A mysterious third party has snatched up the contents of Unit 44 and one of them is bent on an intense mission of revenge that involves space aliens and the history of Area 51. Pick up this comedic sci-fi read on August 30th to find out just what Gibson and Hatch are going to have to deal with as they chase down the contents of Unit 44.

Unit 44 is a really funny read with slapstick style comedy moments mixed with hilarious dialogue and goofy accidents. Gibson has some remarkably great lines and had me laughing out loud as I read through the novel and Hatch is the perfect tough guy foil who has some of his own goofy quirks. Everything that happens once Unit 44 is sold at auction is just so delightful. Even the villains have their humorous elements and you’ll find yourself cracking up once you learn why they are doing what they’re doing. Besides the dialogue and story I really enjoyed the art in this comic. The colors popped and the details like the glowing green of alien technology were really well done. I also enjoyed the mini story at the end of the comic involving Hatch and Gibson. I think fans of The Middleman series would really enjoy this book as well as anyone looking for a fun read.

Make sure to check your local stores for Area 51 on Wednesday, August 30th!

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