Pitching Tents Review from @erinwise82

If you’re going to see a movie this summer, Pitching Tents is the one to see. Set in the awesome 80’s, Danny Whitaker is a high school senior who as no idea what his future holds. No worries, right? He’s got the whole summer to figure it out…..or so he thought. 

Danny’s mission-driven guidance counselor is steering him towards college…in a very forceful way. While his factory worker father is pushing Danny to work with him. WTF is Danny supposed to do??? Cue awesome friends and an annual rite-of-passage “fishing” trip at Trout Camp. There’s a local legend of skinny-dipping girls hidden away at a place called Goddess Camp is said to be around these parts. And of course….don’t forget the weed and beer. Now if you have trouble obtaining said beer, the boys have an awesome grandpa who can help you out!

Will this be the year the guys find the “Goddess Camp”? I mean every horny teen has looked for it with no success. Now, like any great 80’s party, it wouldn’t be epic without the cops showing up. Danny hauls ass through the woods just as a cop recognizes him. He trips, falls, and is out.

There’s no better way to awaken from being knocked unconscious than with the beautiful face of an angel……or is she a “Goddess”??? As Danny is nursed back to health by this enchanting stranger, he learns he must take control of his own life, and figure out just what HE wants to do.

I really enjoyed this movie. I’m a big fan of 80’s flicks, this movie had all the great qualities of them. It kind of reminded me of Dazed & Confused mixed with a little Fast Times at Ridgemont High, with a little Last American Virgin, tied off with a bit of Say Anything. It was funny, it was real, it was awesome.

Check this movie out and let me know your thoughts!

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