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Holland Roden is the talented actress who plays Lydia Martin on MTV’s Teen Wolf, which is airing its final season.  Holland took time from her schedule to answer my questions for The Nerdy Girl Express.  Fans of Holland and Teen Wolf will want to read on to find out what she had to say.

How did you get started in acting? Have you always had the acting bug?

I haven’t always had the acting bug. I grew up in Texas and never thought about pursuing it professionally.  I had an interest in science and to me that was the more realistic path.  I came from a family that was in the medical field.  It wasn’t until I switched schools.  I went to an all-girls school until I was sixteen. But when I switched schools, I took up acting as an extracurricular activity to have something to enjoy that was outside my comfort zone.  To be thrown into a school that had boys was something I wasn’t used to.  So, I started taking classes with this guy named Ken Farmer in Texas.  And he was the one who really said I could do this professionally.  So I went to college out in Los Angeles and started acting professionally at twenty-one.  But when I was in Texas, I would do work in commercials and things.  I was lucky I didn’t end up on the six o’clock news as back in the day I would get on random websites and look for notices to submit tapes.  So that’s how the amateur acting started. But I always had an interest in storytelling and realized that I loved acting.  That was probably a round-about way to start acting.

Do you have any hobbies?

Hobbies?  I love the outdoors. Skiing has always been a passion and I recently started back country skiing where you take your backpack and go camping and ski. As long as you have enough fuel for your burner, water’s not a problem because you can fill your camel pack.  And it’s really beautiful to wake up in the middle of nowhere.  It’s another good reason to work out and get to the gym because you want to be in good shape. That’s kind of my main hobby I the winter.  I love white water rafting and camping and rock climbing. That and documentaries (laughs).

I’m curious with this being the last season of Teen Wolf, what it’s like saying good bye to Lydia after all these years?

It’s bizarre as it really hasn’t hit me yet.  I think that time will change that for me that I won’t be playing Lydia again, it’s moments like these when I say it out loud that I have to think about it and it really hits home.  By the same token, it’s kind of like the grandmother that passed away when I was ten, like twenty-one years ago.  Yet her spirit meant so much to us, we feel like she’s alive today.  We talk about her like she’s alive, we still get to enjoy her even though she’s not here.  It’s probably going to be the same path for Lydia.  Because people enjoyed her and we all took this path together, she’ll still feel alive to me and for others and hopefully for many years to come. Even though I will not technically be playing her again. If that makes sense.

It’s bittersweet.  I kind of ask everybody this, it’s kind of my go-to question. Have you kept anything from the set?

Yeah, I collect magnets on my refrigerator. My rule is I really don’t like any sort of labeling like clothing or tubberware or my dog’s lease. And so my magnets can’t say what the place is, I have to remember what it was. So I wouldn’t want a magnet that said Teen Wolf in big letters.  So there’s this beautiful hourglass that looks kind of like Mountain Nash that was in Lydia’s room for several seasons.  So the last day of filming, I took the hourglass that is currently on my bookshelf.  So I have an hourglass that was from the Teen Wolf set, I have a couple of Lydia’s shoes. And I took my chair, you know the director’s chairs that we sit in and that’s about it.  I tried to get some werewolf claws but I have not got hold of the special effects people yet to get some werewolf claws.  I do have a nostalgic box.  I keep a nostalgic box for everything in my life. And my Teen Wolf one has fan art, letters I’ve gotten over the years and magazine clippings.

Do you have any memories from the set that stand out?

One of my memories is from Season 2.  We would always stay around for each other’s scenes even when we weren’t filming. And on the last day we got some champagne and got pretty drunk and fell asleep in my trailer.  So Colton and I had to film some emotional scenes the next day and we were still pretty drunk, which was funny and he thought we were going to get punked.  We thought we were going to get punked any second because we are on MTV after all so that was really funny.

What is something that you’re really going to miss about Teen Wolf?

Definitely the people. We’ve become friends. We didn’t get to see each other as much as we would have liked and now it’s going to be less.  And working for Jeff, he’s an amazing show runner.  He really cares about his cast and crew and he just has a huge heart.  There’s something about Jeff that he feels like family.

Are there any secrets you can share with us about this final season?

(Laughs) I will say that the trailer revealed more than I thought it would. There are some fun people that come back this season. There’s a lot of action packed in these ten episodes.

Is there any genre that you haven’t done that you would like to do?

I did this new Amazon series called Lore. It’s a period piece set in the 1890s and I got to play this real person named Bridget Cleary.  I was really grateful to be a part of that cast.  I usually don’t get to play parts with characters that have an accent. As far as roles I’d like to play, I love historical fiction and non-fiction based on real people.  And probably 1950s and 60s characters.

Are there any upcoming projects that you’ve been cast in that you can share?

I’ll be in Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block. It’s a little off-kilter. Filming is in September to air sometime in 2018. I’m really proud of the project, it is very Stephen King-esqe.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back to something so close to Teen Wolf right now, but this project really changed my mind.

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