@CW_Riverdale Blossoms: What New Secrets Will Bloom in Season 2 via @stacyamiller85 #Riverdale

The small town of Riverdale has many secrets.  And most of them stem from the powerful family that is the root of many residents’ problems: The Blossoms.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Season One of The CW’s Riverdale, please do not continue reading.

I was a late visitor to Riverdale and the dysfunctional Blossom family drama.  My mind was occupied on Thursday nights with another family, whose drama often reached Heavenly proportions and sometimes down into the depths of Hell: The Winchesters of Supernatural.  So, I waited until Sam and Dean took a break from traveling their road so far before I journeyed to Riverdale.

There are many characters and story lines to talk about, but for the purposes of this article I’d like to focus of the pillars of the community; the family that hid and covered up unbelievable secrets the way their maple syrup poured over pancakes: The Blossoms. Patriarch Clifford (Barclay Hope), Matriarch Penelope (Natalie Boltt) and twins Cheryl and Jason (Madalaine Petsch and Trevor Stines).  Season One of Riverdale centered on the mystery involving the murder of Jason Blossom.  As the season progressed, we learned more details about the lives of the Blossoms; they were the rich (and somewhat creepy family) that resided in the opulent mansion, Thornhill.

Cheryl’s relationship with twin brother Jason had incestuous undertones. And that wasn’t even the half of it.  Viewers would learn later in the season that the rivalry between the Coopers and the Blossoms over the great-grandfather of one family’s murder of the other in order to take control of the maple syrup empire was more sickeningly twisted with the discovery that these two feuding men were brothers; therefore making Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom third cousins (or something) AND she was carrying his babies (twins)!  As someone who has watched television dysfunctional families since 1978, this revelation threw me for a head spinning loop.

Towards the end of season, Clifford Blossom was discovered to be Jason’s killer.  But what was the motive? I’m not entirely convinced that Penelope is the grief-stricken mother she claimed to be.  I suspected her as the killer as I watched the episodes leading up to the Scooby Gang (couldn’t resist) seeing the telltale footage of the shooting. And despite her claims of undying love for her twin, I even thought Cheryl could have pulled the trigger.  The thing about the Blossoms is they CONSTANTLY LOOKED GUILTY. It was hard to garner any sympathy for them (though Cheryl got the most in my book).

With Season Two fast approaching (Season Premiere of Riverdale is Wednesday, October 11), I’m curious to see what new secrets will be revealed about the Blossoms. I hope we get more flashbacks of Jason Blossom so we can really see who he was. But regardless, I’ll enjoy taking in the goodness that is the badness of the Blossoms.

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