Cyko KO @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

Cyko Ko, his girl Peachy Keen, and their adorable sidekick Meemop find themselves in a Scooby Dooesque adventure full of puzzles and fun for readers who love a little bit of fun and spooky in their comics. Our team is on their way to spend a weekend in what turns out to be some very eerie woods. While Cyko insists that this weekend will be perfectly fine, things just keep going wrong. A flat tire leaves them stranded and in the path of a frightening villain they never expected.

What I loved about this comic was that as soon as I started I felt like I was back in the Saturday mornings of my childhood watching those adorable mystery comics like Scooby Doo, Josie and the Pussycats, and there was even a hint of The Justice League. Spooky antics unfold for Cyko as he tries to protect the puzzle sphere from being damaged and Peachy and Meemop have to deal with a dangerous villain. As the mystery unfolds Cyko and Peachy have to figure out how to unmask and outwit the diabolical bat ghost sneaking through the house. The story in this comic is so much fun to read and Rob Feldman has done a great job making a creative and enjoyable read that is something special.

What makes Cyko KO so great is that not only is it a well done story, but it is also something that readers can really sink their teeth into. Yes, that was a horrible vampire pun, I couldn’t resist. Throughout Cyko there are puzzles and activities for the readers to complete including mazes, word scrambles, and word searches just to name a few. The other fun element of this comic is that while Feldman has drawn something very creative you get to be the color artist. The entire book is in black and white and designed to be colored in by the reader as they go. I think young readers will definitely enjoy this comic, but I also think older readers will have fun trying their hand at coloring a comic book. You can pick up Cyko KO in stores today.

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