Adam Wreck #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review

In the third and final issue of Adam Wreck Voric has set up a plan to rescue Adam and his parents from the dangerous Lipos and his team of thieves. Voric has led all of them to the Trillion Star, but the plan has already started to go out the window with Lipos refusing to follow the rules of the exchange. 

As Lipos and his men prepare to take the Trillion Star Voric calls in some unexpected help, but will our heroes get the ending they hoped for? They need to not only out maneuver the bad guys, but also find a way to protect the Trillion Star. I don’t want to ruin the story for you so make sure you pick up Adam Wreck #3 on Wednesday the 13th. In this issue there’s not just one story, but two. As a bonus there is an added prequel about Voric and Bot before Voric met Adam. We get to see Voric attempting to pull of a swindle with the help of his Bot, but apparently he’s modified Bot in a way that leads him to make his own decisions. Suddenly Bot insists he has his own ideas for the deal and Voric has to reassess what to do in order to survive.

Adam Wreck is a series that creates an interesting sci-fi universe that is approachable for younger readers and more seasoned sci-fi fans will also enjoy. Voric’s character as a galactic swindler with a heart of gold had me smiling throughout the series and his connection with the young space traveler Adam is heartwarming. The art in this series provides a blend of colors that highlight the fantastic element of this series and the aliens that are introduced are interesting and in some cases just fun to look at. You can find Adam Wreck #3 in stores Wednesday the 13th.

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