Dear Supernatural, Thank you via @stacyamiller85 #SupernaturalDay @jarpad @JensenAckles

The television series Supernatural means different things to different people.  But one thing fans of the series can agree on and that is they love it.

The words and feelings expressed here are entirely the author’s and may not be the same as other fans and viewers of Supernatural. The author’s opinions are not the opinion of The Nerdy Girl Express.

Dear Supernatural,

What can I say?  You have been an important part of my life for twelve years. When I first watched you on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 9:00PM on the new defunct network The WB, Dean was now Sam (Jared Padalecki played Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls) and there was a new Dean (Jensen Ackles) in town. And this Dean resembled Smallville’s Jason Tighe.

Sam and Dean Winchester were two brothers thrown into the world of the supernatural after their mother had been killed by something unexplained (at the time).  Their dad learned and then taught his sons how to fight things that went bump in the night. Soccer practice was replaced by bow-hunting practice, proms took a back seat to decapitating vamps (vampires). Life in Casa de Winchester was not your typical “apple pie” existence. The stresses of the job caused estrangement between Sam and father John.  But when Dean came to Stanford telling him “Dad’s on a hunting trip,” despite misgivings about rejoining “the family business,” Sam was back in. And the dynamic duo was “back on the road again.”

These brothers (and the actors who played them) displayed a closeness that resonated with viewers.  Their “you and me against the world” motto powerfully made us fall in love with them.  When they faced danger, we did too. We they suffered loss, we cried along with them.  They were magical as was this show.  It was no longer “that little horror show.” It became something more.

Along the years, Sam and Dean met allies (and enemies) who also became to mean something to the viewers of the show. When an angel named Castiel (Misha Collins) entered the scene on September 18, 2008, the lives of the Winchesters and viewers would never be the same. Cas (note: This is the way I’ve always spelled it.  If you spell it as ‘Cass’ that’s fine, but this is not a typo. If anyone takes offense to this, sorry this was not my intention) joined the good fight but also had some missteps. And in Season 5, Crossroad Demon turned King of Hell Crowley (Mark Sheppard) entered the Supernatural universe. Naming every character we’ve met in the twelve seasons Supernatural has aired and the special place they hold would make this letter longer than War and Peace. So, I thank the writers for creating them and the actors for bringing them from the page to the screen.  There have been episodes I’ve loved and some not so much. Supernatural has changed since its inception but that’s okay.  I’ll never forget the early years of the show which kept me captivated.  And although Supernatural is showing the signs of age, it continues to hold viewers’ (although maybe not as many as before) interest.  

When the opportunity came to meet the cast in person at conventions, the love of Supernatural was taken to a different level. Salute to Supernatural Conventions have become a way of life for many fans of the show.  The phrase “Supernatural Family” and speak to how invested fans/viewers are in the show.  They are vocal in expressing their opinions.  When a show stirs this much passion, it speaks volumes. There have been books written honoring the show and the Winchester legacy. One fan has even written a complete book of episode poetry for every episode from Season 1 to Season 11.  So whether Supernatural is that show you enjoy on television, re-watching episodes. Or whether you write fan fiction about it and engage other fans/viewers through social media, we owe a great big thank you to Eric Kripke for creating it, The WB (and now The CW) for supporting and airing it. And The cast and crew and the nameless people behind the scenes.  Thank you Supernatural for giving us an unforgettable television experience and for all the happy memories. Supernatural shows us there’s a place for everyone.

This road so far hasn’t be a dead-end street; it has been one filled with good, bad and everything in between. The best part of the journey has been the experience.

Thank you Supernatural

Stacy Miller

Photo from internet; credit given to original creator

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