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On Tuesday, September 13, 2005, the old The WB network premiered a new series called Supernatural.  The series starred Jared Padalecki, who had played Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls and Jensen Ackles, Smallville’s Jason Tighe as brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who had been trained by their father, John to fight the evil that go bump in the night.

Eleven years and a new network (The CW) later, Supernatural and Sam and Dean are still fighting the good fight. No longer “That little horror show about two brothers fighting monsters,” the Winchesters have faced demons, angels, Pagan Gods and other entities. Sam and Dean have suffered insurmountable losses but survive because of their deep brotherly love and determination.

Let’s take a look at The Road So Far for Sam and Dean Winchester:

Season 1: Dean comes to Stanford to get his younger brother Sam. Their dad John is missing and he needs his help to find him. The brothers learn that a yellow eyed demon killed their mother Mary and vowed to get their revenge back tracking it down and killing it. Along the way, they “save people, hunt things” because it’s the family business.


Season 2: Dean is in grave danger and near death from the car accident that ended Season 1. John makes a deal with the Yellow Eye Demon: trading his life and the Colt for his son’s. Dean spends the season racked by guilt over this but makes a deal of his own to bring his brother Sam back to life after he is killed by one of the special children, Jake.


Season 3: Learning that Dean’s demon deal gives him a year to live before he goes to Hell for selling his soul, Sam works on a way to get his brother out of it. At first resigned to his fate and not wanting to go back on the deal for fearing of Sam dying again, Dean later works alongside his brother to kill the demon holding his contract, Lilith. Sam and Dean meet a helpful demon named Ruby. Despite their efforts, Dean dies and his soul is dragged to Hell by Hellhounds.


Season 4: Having been mysteriously resurrected, Dean is reunited with Sam and learns that it was an angel named Castiel who pulled him out of Hell. The Winchesters spend the season trying to stop Lilith from breaking 66 seals that will release Lucifer from his cage in Hell.


Season 5: Dean broke the first seal, Sam broke the final one and let Lucifer out of his cage. They also learned each were slated to be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer in the angels’ brotherly battle. Sam made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world.


Season 6:  It’s been a year since Sam jumped in the hole to Hell with Lucifer after saying yes to the devil as well as pulling Michael in for the ride. Dean has tried to make a life with Ben and Lisa. The oldest Winchester brother is shocked when his little brother returns from the dead. But Sam’s different. He was brought back from Hell soulless. And Castiel forms an unholy alliance with The King of Hell. He and Crowley are searching for Purgatory and the ultimate power of all the souls there.


Season 7:  A power hungry Castiel believes he’s the new God. However, the Leviathans he released from Purgatory have other ideas. They decide to make mankind their own personal Happy Meal. Sam and Dean go up against Leviathan leader Dick Roman, who kills Bobby.


Season 8: Dean and Castiel spend a year in Purgatory while Sam settles down in a normal life with vet Amelia Richards. Prophet Kevin Tran tells Sam and Dean that the demon tablet reveals the trials that will close the Gates of Hell. And Castiel is deceived by Metatron, the Scribe of God, who uses his grace for a spell that sends all angels to Earth.


Season 9:  Sam is dying from taking on the three trials and Dean tricks him into saying yes and allowing the angel Gadreel to possess him. Crowley becomes addicted to human blood and gets in a power struggle with Knight of Hell Abbadon for control of Hell. Dean meets First Born son Cain who gives him The First Blade as well as his Mark. Dean faces off with Metatron who kills him. Dean becomes a demon.


Season 10:  Demon Dean wrecks havoc. Sam and Castiel help to restore his humanity but he still has the Mark of Cain. Sam works with Crowley’s witch mother Rowena to rid Dean of the Mark of Cain and inadvertently unleashes The Darkness.


Season 11:  Sam and Dean discover that The Darkness is the sister of God who is none other then Supernatural novelist Chuck Shurley. The Winchesters spend the season trying to stop The Darkness.


Season 12:  Mary Winchester returned from dead, Sam and Dean met The British Men of Letters and Kelly Kline became pregnant with Lucifer’s baby a Nephilim.

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