Mother Russia #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

In the thrilling conclusion to Mother Russia, we watch as our title character and her new ally fight their way to safety from the zombies. They need to create a hole within the undead hoard, but it won’t be easy.

With the baby on her back, Mother Russia is running through the streets as her ally shoots ahead of her to help her make it to the tower. She fights and shoots as hard as she can, all while protecting the baby. Brunhilde is backing up her human companion and they try to make their way to Mother Russia. This final battle is a massive event and this issue is packed full of action. You definitely can’t miss this!

I don’t want to spoil too much for this issue, but the ending involves so many intense moments. As our title character fights to protect herself and the child she found she is willing to do anything that will ensure their survival. Her ally, though they just met, is dedicated to helping her and the child. The action moments in this issue are awesome and is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys zombie themed series, including The Walking Dead.

You can find Mother Russia issue three in stores on Wednesday, 10/18.

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