Show Us Your Power: #TheGifted Fan Art Tongal Contest from @kleffnotes

Reveal you own artistic powers by submitting your The Gifted fan art into Tongal’s Show Us Your Power contest. Tongal and The Gifted have teamed up to showcase the fans of the series in a creative way by giving them a venue to share their talents. Prove just how powerful you are and you can walk away with some amazing prizes.

The new Fall show on Fox, The Gifted, focuses on a suburban family whose lives get turned upside down when the two children reveal that they have mutant powers. In this Marvel universe mutants who harm humans, even accidentally, are subject to imprisonment and possibly even worse at the hands of Sentinel Services. They are forced to run away from everything they know and team up with a band of renegade mutants for survival, but with the government after them nothing is easy.

Tongal and The Gifted are showcasing fan creativity in their Show Us Your Power contest. When you submit your work you are eligible to become a weekly winner of $500 or even the grand prize winner of $5,000. Much like any contest there are some very clear rules that you must follow in order to win:

  1. Log-in to, or create, a Tongal Account
  2. Upload your artwork to Tongal through the “Submit” tab of the project page
  3. Fill out the required information on the Submission Form and click “Submit Fan Artwork” button

For full details, rules, and requirements please check the linked contest page. Time is running out for submission, but even if you miss the deadline this contest has provided a number of opportunities for some talented artists. You can also vote on current submissions through the Tongal contest page. A few winners have already been chosen and promoted across Fox’s social media accounts. Keep an eye out for future contest from Tongal in connection to some of your favorite shows and make sure to watch The Gifted Monday nights at 9 pm on Fox.

Image from Tongal Fan Art Contest Page

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