Thank You For 2 Amazing Years @thenerdygirlexp by @erinwise82

2 years….where has the time gone….it’s seems like just yesterday we were sitting around in a private chat discussing what we would call ourselves.

Here we are two years later and I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of my co-founders, writers, guest writers, and each and every single one of you!

My goal with this site was acceptance and inclusion. Somewhere we could show the uniqueness of ourselves. I hope this is what WE’VE done!

We started off as strangers and built a team, a family. Not only with each other but with our followers too! Each one of you is so very important to us and you guys are why we do what we do!

My favorite thing about NGE, there’s something for everyone. Kat thrills us with her amazing video recaps, shoot her YouTube vids can brighten any cloudy day, Erica’s brilliance shines through with every live tweet she does, our voice of reason. Miss Stacy…I don’t think we’d be where we are without her, she has made our dreams come true, she is the backbone on NGE, Miss Tracy’s words penetrate the veil of darkness and lift you into a beautiful mesmerizing light, her book reviews have thrown me into a reading frenzy….I love it!!

There’s another person I must thank! Without her NGE would not exist. Not many people know this either. She brought Kat, Erica, and I together. Unfortunately life got busy for her and she stepped down but Jessie I love you and thank you for bringing us together, we are truly living a dream! A dream made possible because of you!

Thank you to all of our followers who push us daily to be the best we can be. For believing in us, for sticking with us all this time. You guys are remarkable, the best followers a little ole site could ask for! We’d be nothing without you.

Drop some comments below or find me on Twitter @erinwise82

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