Celebrating Two Years of The Nerdy Girl Express from @kleffnotes

One wonderful treat every October is that The Nerdy Girl Express anniversary takes place and this year we have hit our two year mark. While we are not the oldest online site, we are still exceptionally proud of the work we have done and the amount of growth that we have made in what feels like such a short amount of time. Within these two years I have personally experienced a great deal of milestone moments and to celebrate how much has occurred I wanted to share how much NGE means to me.

I had never expected The Nerdy Girl Express to grow the way that it has over these two years. When Erin, Erica, and I started this site I was working at a video store and had just graduated from a Master’s program with no idea of what I wanted to do long term. Writing for NGE gave me a purpose and something to look forward to every night. I would spend time writing and the more time I spent working on the site the more my projects grew. I went from writing pieces solely based on whatever random thing popped into my head to reviewing comics for a variety of publishers and creators, reviewing books, being able to create webseries focused pieces, growing my video content, and interviewing a variety of wonderful people.

Each time a new opportunity presented itself, and as these opportunities continue to appear, I find myself filled with pride as well as gratitude. I am so proud of the work that my co-creators and our very talented and dedicated family of writers have done. When Stacy joined our site she brought with her a strong background in writing and working within the entertainment area. She helped us to set up interviews and answered questions any time any of us needed help growing our skills. I am now very pleased to say that with her help we have all become exceptionally confident interviewers, even if I sometimes do get a bit jittery moments before I start chatting. Stacy then brought us another wonderful writer, her twin sister Tracy. With her poetry and creative works Tracy added a fabulous new element to NGE. Her work has been so beautiful and she continues to wow me with her creativity. We also have a number of amazing guest writers who have provided us with wonderful pieces. I look forward to collaborating with all of them more in the future.

The Nerdy Girl Express has been a constant light within my life and even when members of our writing family are going through difficult times we know that we are always here for each other. We support each other and are willing to do whatever we can to make sure we are all working together in a positive way. In some cases this might mean taking a small hiatus, asking another writer to help finish up a project, or even just being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to vent to. The family that we have built at The Nerdy Girl Express is really the biggest positive that I take away from these two years and I look forward to growing our family and strengthening our bonds in the many years to come. I know that I can trust these open hearted and caring people with anything and that no matter what the years may bring we will always be here for each other.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, and I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

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