37 Problems Review ( @lisaebersole ) from @kleffnotes

37 Problems, the nine episode comedy webseries by Lisa Ebersole, debuted this month on Amazon Prime. Ebersole wrote and stars in the series as Amanda, a 37 year old writer who has to chose between a massive career opportunity and ever having biological children. When her editor decides he needs ten thousand dollars to finish her webseries for Sundance our lead character goes to her mother for help. Even though she gets the money she finds herself playing the karmic odds of whether she should see a fertility specialist or just go forward with using the money for the editing she needs.

Amanda decides that she needs to at least meet with a doctor about freezing her eggs or her entire webseries will be haunted by bad luck. While her initial plan is to just have her eggs counted she starts crushing on the very dreamy Dr. Drimi. As soon as I saw his name I was laughing out loud, the wordplay is absolutely perfect. The more she talks with him the more she begins to doubt her decision to use the money solely for editing. As Amanda tries to decide what to do she winds up in hilarious situations that relate to being a mother. This includes a baby shower for a friend where she accidentally insults the pregnant host, having to babysit a ten year old with exceptionally mature questions, and taking care of a plastic baby doll.

Ebersole as Amanda is fantastic and her comedic timing is perfect. The very first episode includes a moment where she’s caught naked by a complete stranger and I absolutely lost it. While she is initially uncomfortable, which is understandable, the news he gives her leads to what I think might be my favorite comedic moment in the series. The entire cast is exceptional and they all pull off their zany and slightly strange characters fabulously. Stephanie Sanditz as the actress trying to maintain her youth is often the voice of reason for Amanda and while she might be dealing with her own issues is in many cases trying to look out for her friend. Joseph Reitman as the editor Gunner is perhaps the most out there character and the fact that he literally wears an adult diaper for a portion of the series is just ridiculously funny. His physical comedy adds that extra bit of hilarity to so many moments.

I watched all 9 episodes in one sitting and at about 57 minutes this is the perfect mini-binge. If you are a fan of goofy comedies including Bridesmaids, Bad Moms, or Due Date, this is perfect for you. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a hilarious pick me up and with such a short total run time there’s no reason you shouldn’t check it out.

You can find 37 Problems on Amazon Prime now and keep an eye out for its release on Seed&Spark.

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