After a successful Kickstarter campaign for Alex Priest #1, writer Jenn Arledge (FUTURE GIRL, BLACK GOLD) and artist Scott Malin (AKARI AND THE FIREFLIES, WORLD’S WORST BOUNTY HUNTER) return with an all-new chapter of LGBTQ+ fantasy comic Alex Priest. Alex and Janelle plan to actively hunt the demons that got the drop on them last time, but the vampires strike first. And they strike hard.

In a world where vampires and demon ilk are very, very real, two agencies work to keep the world safe from the forces of darkness. Demon Eradication And Denial (DEAD LLC) is a corporate entity that charges itself with the training and employment of demon slayers – specialists in combating magical beings. Living Corpses that Bite (LC&B) is a tax exempt public entity that relies on time proven traditions to keep humanity safe from vampires. When hunting evil became blue collar work, the evil had to evolve.

Recent evidence suggests vampires have learned to use magic, meaning they’re more than just a nightly threat. For the first time since their inception, DEAD LLC and LC&B will have to join forces. Which means, for the first time since their bitter break up, Alexandra Priest and Janelle Garcia will have to face one another – or risk an apocalypse. No pressure.

“Issue two contains a lot more action than the first issue,” said Arledge. “We see some of the inner workings of LC&B before the demons strike a really hard – and personal – blow to the heroes. Issue two gives more insight into both the title character and Janelle, and we get to see how their unique dynamic plays out at work and at home.”

“Everyone wants to compare AP to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as that’s the quintessential vampire slaying fandom,” added Arledge. “I write in some of that same campy, cheesy humor – that’s my personal aesthetic – but in reality, AP is a lot more like Underworld. The action pulls no punches. There’s no blurring the lines of good and evil, which Buffy was so good at. Monsters are definitely bad. Morality can be confusing and uncertain, but in this one case (Alex Priest) we’re allowed some comfort in knowing what’s really good and what’s really evil.”

“… A snarky and quick witted story about a dealing with a developing threat which takes vampire hunting to a new level… A bureaucratic and sarcastic level. This take on vampire hunting or saving humanity not from the shadows is actually my favorite aspect of the story.” – Latravious Calloway (Evian Rising)

“Alex Priest is pure delight… an engaging world of surprising depth and detail. It’s got action, romance, laughs, monsters, and all the other cool things that make life worth living.” – Travis Holyfield  (Street Clothes)

Alex Priest is slated to be five issues long, and will be collected once the individual issues have been completed.

Rewards for this project include print copies of Alex Priest #2, trading cards, and variant editions of issues #1 and #2. Issue two will feature a cover variant illustrated by Jenn St-Onge (JEM & THE MISSFITS, FINDING MOLLY, BINGO LOVE).

Stretch goals include an extended version of Alex Priest #2, which include an epic battle and romance, to which Arledge explained, “I’ve been fairly hesitant about including sexual content in this story, but the fact of the matter is that Alex identifies as (asexual). So I feel I have the opportunity to create something both sex positive and ace positive.”

Kickstarter campaign begins October 31st. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/AlexPriest or https://arledgecomics.com/comics/alex-priest/

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