Knights of the Golden Sun #1 Review ( @MadCaveStudios ) from @kleffnotes

Knights of the Golden Sun #1 from Mad Cave Studios establishes a new variation on the story of the Lucifer’s fall from grace. Mark London recreates the epic battle between Lucifer’s forces and the angelic hosts who are still loyal to God. Michael, as the leader of these hosts, fights back against his brother and while he is able to banish him from Heaven the fall will not stop Lucifer.

The plot of the first issue uses the story of David as well as other examples of biblical kings to show Michael, and the other heavenly host, working against Lucifer to maintain their divine father’s order on Earth. What none of the angels were prepared for was the disappearance of God. With no one to directly speak to the humans the angels watch as chaos begins to reign. Not only are they fighting the fallen, but the find themselves lost when Michael and Lucifer come to blows. Their battle pushes Michael away from his siblings and further angels begin to fall and join Lucifer’s ranks.

This issue introduces a number of characters and while they might not know what has become of Michael, readers will have the benefit of learning that something has happened to change the course of Michael’s path in a mysterious way. London also adds in two female angels, Uriel and Gabrielle. As Uriel battles with her own personal feelings regarding the silence of God and the lack of leadership, Gabrielle has felt herself forced to take over as the head of their forces. The battle sequences within Knights of the Golden Sun are artfully done and the various incarnations of Lucifer emphasize how the fall continues to distort him into something dark and evil. I am very curious to see where this series will go and what will happen to the angels who have tried to stay loyal to God with the reveals from the end of this issue.

You can find out more about Knights of the Golden Sun and other series from Mad Cave Studios on their website.

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